Check-in from Kitchen

Categories: Front Page, Kitchen Committee

I’m sure we are all aware of the unlawful arrests on Wednesday eve [Jan 4th] at the plaza, and the unlawful arrest of Tobbie and one other on Thursday [Jan 5th] in front of the side door at City Hall. For more info. please read the other Occupy Oakland main page posts. We we are still trying to hold space at the plaza. We have no table right now and serving supply is often low. Food support is still very welcome! If you bring hot food to serve, if you’re able to, please bring gear to serve it in. Snacks, coffee, and treats are great too. Food is one of the most basic ways we can provide emotional and physical security to each other. Considering all of the police repression this last week, we want to emphasize the need to keep our community feeling strong, safe, and loved. Lets keep it alive! Please contact us via email at: or call: 510-205-4550 if you need food to cook or help transporting anything. We love you!


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