Are you willing to look in the mirror?

I know that most of the people who begin to read this will not have the balls to finish it because they fear their own reality and the actual truth. I am going to post a video link here that I have knowingly spammed to numerous comments here in hopes that some of you are actually willing to take a good long look in the mirror. You see, you all complain about things you think are wrong and your choice is to protest. The problem is however most of you are … Continued


Decolonize Oakland: Creating a More Radical Movement

Decolonize Oakland: Creating a More Radical Movement       Oakland is the ancestral homeland of the Chochenyo Ohlone, an indigenous community that has no collective territory of their own and no recognized legal status or rights.   As detailed in The Memorandum of Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples, which the General Assembly passed with 97% support on 28 October 2011, the Chochenyo Ohlone have survived a brutal colonial history and ongoing occupation, which makes them strong members, allies, leaders, and guides to the movement of the 99%.  In passing that memorandum … Continued


An Occupy Manifesto for Change

“Those Dirty, Smelly, Rat-Infested, Bad-for-Local-Business, Unfocused Sidelines”             Every movement is met with the inertia of those who sit on the sidelines yelling in and wagging a critical finger.   Occupy is no different.  The media are filled with editorials lambasting the Occupiers for lack of focus and abundance of distracting forms of health and local- business hazards, as well as the costs associated with these.  As well, there is apparently the sad state of public affairs that while most people polled agree with the sentiment of the Occupy Movement a … Continued


Song sang to Obama in Hawaii…

Hawaiian musician Makana, speaking about his act of protest at the APEC gala dinner with heads of state this weekend in Honolulu. We turn now to a fuller version of Makana’s song, “We are the Many.” MAKANA: [singing] Ye come here, gather ’round the stage The time has come for us to voice our rage Against the ones who’ve trapped us in a cage To steal from us the value of our wage From underneath the vestiture of law The lobbyists at Washington do gnaw At liberty, the bureaucrats guffaw … Continued


A Beginners Guide to ‘Occupy’ on Vimeo

I found this video, filmed at the Occupy Bristol encampment in the UK, to be very well done. It provides clarification of our common purpose and bond to both beginners and to original occupiers who may be getting tired and cold and sometimes disheartened. I hope for renewed strength to be sent your way through the focus of our collective energy! We APPRECIATE THE HECK OUTTA YOU!!!!! Peace -Indigo   4855


DHS – protecting the U.S. Gov’t. from it’s citizens — we don’t have to take this anymore

Good morning Oakland, I’ve been watching events in Oakland for the past several weeks and am becoming more incensed at the police/DHS brutality by the day. So, I took ACTION this morning by creating the following statement on Congree.org’s SoapBox (available to all citizens, presumably read by someone in D. C.), as well as writing my Senators and Representative about the Police State that is passing for America these days.  If you are in agreement with this statement of solidarity among U.S. Citizens in demanding their constitutionally-protected rights amid terrorism … Continued


Let’s Hold Them Accountable!

Having the right to vote is not a right at all if your choices of who and what to vote for are controlled by corrupt and greedy individuals and corporations. This is about one thing and one thing only in my mind, and that is Moral and Ethical Responsibility, without these, Democracy does not exist. Unfortunately, if any person continues to believe that the USA is still a democracy they are, at best sadly naive, and at worst stupidly dangerous. But, when we come together in places like #OccupyOakland, we … Continued


People Of Occupy Oakland YOU Make Us Proud

To ALL the people in the Occupy Oakland Movement; You are making it possible for the rest of us Americans to be Proud once again.  Thank You For Your Efforts, They Will NEVER Be Forgotten 2805