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Statement made at tonight’s GA

I am not from the Bay Area. Neither are a lot of folks that I know. Transient is a word often used to describe this place. In fact, the term is of tremendous importance to this debate.Because it is our ties to a place that cement our commitment to its well-being. To say that the Bay Area has a transient population invisibilizes the many communities that have resided here for years- particularly communities of color who are most directly supplanted by new comers- in a process many of us recognize … Continued


Decolonize Oakland: Creating a More Radical Movement

Decolonize Oakland: Creating a More Radical Movement       Oakland is the ancestral homeland of the Chochenyo Ohlone, an indigenous community that has no collective territory of their own and no recognized legal status or rights.   As detailed in The Memorandum of Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples, which the General Assembly passed with 97% support on 28 October 2011, the Chochenyo Ohlone have survived a brutal colonial history and ongoing occupation, which makes them strong members, allies, leaders, and guides to the movement of the 99%.  In passing that memorandum … Continued