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I have to say as a born and bred son of Oakland, Ca, I am disgusted with what I am seeing by the Occupy-Oakland thugs. You are not doing any good, you are destroying, breaking into and causing police forces to babysit a bunch of unpatriotic and un-loyal thugs instead of being able to attend to things like 5 murders that happened over the weekend. You shame the name of this great city I have called home for almost 50 years. History will reveal what you really are which is … Continued


Are you willing to look in the mirror?

I know that most of the people who begin to read this will not have the balls to finish it because they fear their own reality and the actual truth. I am going to post a video link here that I have knowingly spammed to numerous comments here in hopes that some of you are actually willing to take a good long look in the mirror. You see, you all complain about things you think are wrong and your choice is to protest. The problem is however most of you are … Continued


An Idea

Hey Occupy Oakland members, how about you purge the criminal element out of your ranks? Then how about you purge the criminal element out of Oakland? Be constructive and truly take on a task worthy of doing. It is rather pathetic to continue on with this 1% crap if you are not willing to take on the murders and criminal element in your own neighborhoods. Instead of making it hard on your neighbors by being up all night banging drums and what have you, why not give back to the community you … Continued


You Have the Right…It Does Not Make You Right!

To anybody who is truly interested you have the right to assemble, that is not in question, however you also owe it to the people of whatever city you are choosing to protest in to abide by the law. Plain and simple, if the police tell you to move on or disperse then abide by their direction. Too many protesters are crying foul after conflict with police. Look, you may not like the police but we the people who live in and call these cities home, need the police. Sadly … Continued