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Song sang to Obama in Hawaii…

Hawaiian musician Makana, speaking about his act of protest at the APEC gala dinner with heads of state this weekend in Honolulu. We turn now to a fuller version of Makana’s song, “We are the Many.” MAKANA: [singing] Ye come here, gather ’round the stage The time has come for us to voice our rage Against the ones who’ve trapped us in a cage To steal from us the value of our wage From underneath the vestiture of law The lobbyists at Washington do gnaw At liberty, the bureaucrats guffaw … Continued


A Beginners Guide to ‘Occupy’ on Vimeo

I found this video, filmed at the Occupy Bristol encampment in the UK, to be very well done. It provides clarification of our common purpose and bond to both beginners and to original occupiers who may be getting tired and cold and sometimes disheartened. I hope for renewed strength to be sent your way through the focus of our collective energy! We APPRECIATE THE HECK OUTTA YOU!!!!! Peace -Indigo   4855


To The Awesome People I met today at the Plaza…

Requesting a list of some relevant and legitimate sources for information on the Occupy movement. I am working hard on finding you the link I was talking about, with the whole history of #OWS and all, but I can’t find it right now to save my life. I will keep looking. In the meantime this page is interesting. Still, I hope I can find that article, because it was so helpful. It talked about how the original occupiers met in some small place in NYC and had help from … Continued


State of California merger with Bank of America…

I am concerned about the merger between the State of California and Bank of America via UI benefits. The way I understand it, as the “administrator” of UI benefits BofA is now the State Depository of our SSI income taxes. This means they are collecting interest on us now. I am having trouble finding out much information about how this got implemented without consent. I have boycotted BofA for many years. Now I am being forced to do business with them and so are all of you who work, or … Continued


Let’s Hold Them Accountable!

Having the right to vote is not a right at all if your choices of who and what to vote for are controlled by corrupt and greedy individuals and corporations. This is about one thing and one thing only in my mind, and that is Moral and Ethical Responsibility, without these, Democracy does not exist. Unfortunately, if any person continues to believe that the USA is still a democracy they are, at best sadly naive, and at worst stupidly dangerous. But, when we come together in places like #OccupyOakland, we … Continued