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Oakland Will Be Here – Every Time!


Cat Brooks speaks at San Francisco City Hall on the murder of Mario Woods. My name is Cat Brooks. I’m the co-founder of the Anti Police-Terror Project, and a member of the Black Power Network.  I’m actually based in Oakland, but here supporting San Francisco.  After Mario was murdered- MURDERED, EXECUTED, in broad daylight in your city, I asked myself “How long…” I didn’t ask myself, I posted on Facebook as a matter of fact… “How long is it going to take for the Chief to come out and tell … Continued


Berkeley Old City Hall Homeless Occupation Raided and Razed.


It took 18 days for the City of Berkeley to decide they could no longer tolerate an organized and visible resistance to the City Council’s utter failure to do anything for a growing homeless population in need of shelter, storage and a place to shit. Eighteen days after a protest Occupation appeared on the grounds of Old City Hall beginning on the eve of a City Council meeting where the first reading of anti-homeless ordinances were voted, and three days after a second reading where these ordinances were enacted into … Continued


Charges Against Black Friday 14 Dropped. Collected Community Statements.


Asians For Black Lives Statement on the BlackFriday14 Victory: The Power of the People Won’t Stop Dec 4, 2015 #BlackLivesMatter #EndTheWarOnBlackLives #Asians4BlackLives Today, Asians4BlackLives stands inspired and proud alongside our comrades, the BlackFriday14, as Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley announces she is dropping the charges against them. This is a victory for the people. This is a critical moment to celebrate the power of grassroots organizing, direct action, and the fierce multi-sector, mutli-racial solidarity that worked hard to win this decision. We congratulate the BlackFriday14, and we acknowledge Nancy … Continued


14 Faith Leaders Arrested Demanding O’Malley Drop the Charges Against the Black Friday 14.


Wednesday, at 1:30 PM in front of the Wiley Manual Courthouse in downtown Oakland approximately 150 people gathered in solidarity with the Black Friday 14. They were there to demand that the District Attorney “Drop the Charges” from a year ago when the 14 stopped BART trains at the West Oakland BART Station in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Along with the solidarity ceremonies by various faith leaders and supporters outside, fourteen members of the faith community went inside the courthouse and conducted a sit in from 1:30 … Continued


Black Friday 14 and Supporters Pay the BART Board Another Visit With the Same Message – Drop The Charges!


On November 19th the BART Board of Directors was once again paid a visit by members and supporters of the Black Friday 14 – a group who stopped BART for hours at the West Oakland station on Black Friday of last year in protest against police executions and in support of #BlackLivesMatter. After their previous visits, the Board had agreed not to seek monetary restitution, but had balked at asking the District Attorney to drop charges against the protesters. As the one year deadline for filing misdemeanor charges approached without … Continued


Alameda County Passes Groundbreaking Policy to Respect the 4th Amendment.


Alameda County Board Of Supervisors Passes Most Comprehensive Cell Phone Interceptor Privacy Policy In the Country In an example of collaboration with privacy advocates, on November 17th the Alameda County Board of Supervisors passed a comprehensive privacy policy regulating the county’s use of cell phone interceptor equipment (often referred to in the press by “Stingray” or “Hailstorm”) before approving the purchase of an equipment upgrade.  The policy requires a warrant before any deployment of the device and periodic audits of use. Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 741 (Hill, S-13-D) into … Continued


The Alameda City Council Has Blood On Its Floor.


This essay was originally published by “Will S” on IndyBay. —– It began, as it usually does, with stupidity. Official stupidity. Instead of behaving like a civilized human being, Alameda City Official Bob Haun took it upon himself to shove with both hands a 68 year old Alameda Rental Coalition member protesting rent hikes, causing the protester to fall to the ground. This led to a chain of events in which Haun himself then fell in an undetermined manner (and reportedly suffered a hip injury), a protest organizer was arrested, … Continued


Alameda Arrests Tenant Protestors: Statement by Alameda Renters Coalition and Tenants Together.


A joint press release from ARC and Tenants Together regarding the events of last night’s Alameda City Council proceedings. Alameda Arrests Tenant Protestors and Passes Rent Moratorium Last evening, an estimated 200 Alameda renters went to their city council to demand an end to unfair rent hikes and displacement. After a hearing that lasted past 1am, the Alameda City Council voted unanimously for a temporary 8% rent increase moratorium and a ban on no cause evictions. This is a big step forward for a city in which rent increases have … Continued


Cops Assault Rent Control Advocate at Alameda City Council Meeting


An unidentified man, part of a group of rent control advocates that had not been allowed into the 11/4 Alameda City Council meeting due to the room being at capacity and had crowded into the hall outside, was thrown to the ground by two Alameda Police officers before being arrested. He apparently had his face smashed into the floor because after he is removed the video shows a signficant amount of blood on the surface. Below are a few tweets from the meeting and a video of the takedown. The … Continued


Pirate Mike: In Memoriam.


Pirate Mike, an active participant in Occupy San Francisco, was killed by a semi trailer truck in Texas on October 30th, 2015 during his March Across America. Stephen Michael Clift, Pirate Mike to his comrades, @occupirate on Twitter, was also one of the original participants in the first Occupation of the Berkeley Post Office in July of 2013. That event, and the second Occupation by First They Came for the Homeless in November, 2014, in which he also participated, ultimately played a significant role in preventing the Allston Way building from … Continued