Why Do We Have to Go To Wall Street?

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The Friends of the Public Bank of Oakland created this video in support of their efforts to get the Oakland City Council to invest in Oakland’s future.

New long version:

Shorter version:

Oakland Needs a Public Bank!

– Sign the Petition at FriendsofPublicBankofOakland.org
– Call your Oakland City Council Member and tell them to fund the feasibility study in this years’ budget.

Video by Maren Poitras
Music by Broke for Free

We need everyone in Oakland to heavily lobby the City Council, starting now. Be sure to talk about how a public bank will save huge amounts of money and be useful to important City Councilmember priorities such as affordable housing, safe use of cannabis money, and dealing with the budget shortfall.  This is a two-year budget, so it  must include both the “pre-feasibility study” and the actual business plan. City Councilmembers’ budget hearings are over, but the City’s full budget meetings are just beginning. On May 30, we would like all of you to be there.

If you can join us on May 30,

1. Go online to https://solar.oaklandnet.com/Speaker/form and fill out a card. Choose the item “Open Forum.” Be sure to click Next and Register. Even if you don’t want to speak, get a card, so you can cede your time to someone who wants to speak longer.
2. Show up at 5:30! Open Forum is almost the first item.
3. Wear your t-shirt, or buy one there. We’ll have plenty @ $20.
4. Sit through a very, very long night so you can cheer when they add Rebecca Kaplan’s amendment funding our feasibility study to the budget.


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