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Last Albany Bulb Residents Evicted at Gunpoint, Arrested.


According to Osha Newman, a lawyer and long-time activist who has worked with Albany Bulb residents in their now-lost attempts to stay in their homes, the last two residents of the Bulb were evicted on Friday, May 30th at gunpoint. At 4 AM this morning, a large contingent of Albany police, some carrying guns including assault rifles raided the campsite of the two last residents of the Albany Bulb, Amber Whitson and Philip Lewis, and arrested them along with a supporter, Erik Eisenberg. All three were charged with misdemeanor violations … Continued


WakeUpOakland Calls Bullshit on Shotspotter.


This youtube video by “wakeupoakland” documents Oakland Police deceptions and attempts by the company that makes Shotspotter to mislead and deflect concerns about voice recordings. Questions abound about not only whether Shotspotter is, or can be set to, record voices, even in private homes, but whether it is effective. A few months ago, OPD Chief Whent said he was not particularly interested in renewing Shotspotter’s contract, presumably because it was not very effective in dealing with crime (possibly because of an unacceptably high false positive rate). After being tonguelashed by … Continued


Protest the Cancellation of KPFA’s Morning Mix


Protest the cancellation of the Morning Mix, a radio show on KPFA during morning drive time, which was hosted by diverse programmers who are based in the local community. It is being replaced with a show, with one radio personality, that will be piped in from Los Angeles. Only some Morning Mix segments have been rescheduled, and at times of the day when most working people are at work and unable to listen, including the labor show Work Week Radio (, and Project Censored ( This removal of the Morning … Continued


Making Debt a Political Issue: The Annals of Strike Debt Bay Area


By Susan Harman. One of the principal slogans of the Occupy movement was, “Banks got bailed out — we got sold out!” Strike Debt New York arose to explicate that slogan. While banks were given a debt jubilee — thanks to us, the tax payers — the millions of underwater homeowners, student debtors, and people going bankrupt from medical bills, not to mention entire municipalities, were left to fend for ourselves. Debt unites us all. Whether or not we have personal loan agreements or are in danger of foreclosure, we … Continued




When: Sunday, May 25 Noon to 10:00PM Where: Mike’s house: 3413 Belmont Ave., El Cerrito 94530 Contact: Mike’s email:  electionamend [at] Why? The time of year cries out for a backyard party to ring in the outdoor season, and there’s no more benevolent use for carbon as a fuel than a barbecue.  Also, we’ll be saying “Keep in touch” to our great friend Hannah who will be leaving in June for Gomorrah – the City of Angels – with her family. AND we’re anticipating a visit from Occupy Oakland’s … Continued


Declaration of the Bulb Autonomous Zone


DECLARATION OF THE BULB AUTONOMOUS ZONE In Solidarity with People whose homes are threatened, In Honor of unpermitted public Art, In Defense of spaces free and wild everywhere, To Keep the Albany Bulb Natural and unlandscaped, To Preserve Habitat for Birds, Insects, and other migratory Animals, including Humans, We Declare the Bulb an Autonomous Zone , a space where Art and Music continue to flourish, where People assemble Freely, where Dogs run unleashed, and where long-term Residents can continue to maintain and improve their Homesteads. Come and create this place … Continued


Resist the Pablumization of the Albany Bulb, RE-OCCUPY!

Bulb Lovers Collage 2

Recap added May 14: The Albany Bulb is a form garbage dump formed when cities and corporations dumped waste in the Bay and even demolished a natural hill to make room for a parking lot for a race track.  When the infill was halted by a law suit in 1983. The City of Albany talked with developers about turning this wasteland of concrete & rebar into a Marina and high-rise luxury hotel but was finally discouraged by community opposition and the costs developing on tidal mudflats covered with construction detritus. … Continued


Einstein Gets Serious, Relatively. His Particularly Perilous Political Platform for Plutocrats.


Einstein    for    Mayor    of    Oakland!   A dog for Mayor of Oakland?!  Sound crazy?  But the question, as we see it, is not, “Can a dog run the City?”  The question we should all ask is, “Can any individual be accountable for running the City?”  That is, can any individual – human or otherwise – comprehend all the city’s needs?  Can any individual prioritize those needs and direct resources to them in a way that leaves none of the Oakland’s residents – human or otherwise – left out in the … Continued


“The Solution to Police Terror is Unity.” Honoring Alan Blueford: All Lives Matter.


Two years ago a young man ran terrified through East Oakland, pursued by an Oakland Police Officer. Tripping, then crashing into a gate and coming around, the last thing he likely saw was the barrel of a gun. Four shots rang out in rapid succession, the third fatally wounding Alan Blueford. His last words were “I didn’t do anything.” Such is police terror. On May 3rd, 2014, those of us who have pursued justice for Alan Blueford since that horrible day two years ago, family, friends and activists, came together … Continued


Yet Another Occupy Lawsuit Filed Against OPD: MayDay 2012 Beating.


Russell Bates, a well-known East Bay activist and Berkeley CopWatch member has filed suit against the Oakland Police for a beating he received at their batons on May 1st, 2012. May Day, 2012 was the scene of brutal attacks by the Oakland Police Department on peaceful protesters, beginning around noon when people were attacked just north of 14th & Broadway as police performed “snatch and grabs,” and continuing that night, when police without provocation charged into people in the vicinity of Oscar Grant Plaza after they had marched from Fruitvale … Continued