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On “law” and state political repression of Occupy/Decolonize in the lands now called the United States …

This essay gets it right. After all, the American people claiming democratic rights is just oh so inconvenient for the 1% and their representatives. Oakland’s municipal legal experiments are part of a national project to destroy American civil liberties. Tactics and strategies for repression, as well as legal innovations, to make the American people “sit down and shut up” are doubtless being shared across jurisdictions nationally. Stand up, fight back! http://www.salon.com/2012/02/14/occupy_fights_the_law_will_the_law_win/singleton/ John Hayakawa Torok 19871


People’s Anarchist Network, First Communique

  PAN Communique #1 Commencement of an Insurrection   This is a communique from the People’s Anarchist Network.  We are embedded in the unconscious psyche of Western civilization, and we are in the streets, though not always embedded there.  We like the wilderness too.  We are anonymous cells of friends working for the revolution, in diverse ways.  We are hackers, we are treespikers, we’re parents artists and lovers and comrades.  We are anonymous.  Like psilocybe mycelia we grow underground, unseen, in shit. We’re working with PAN as an umbrella network … Continued


Join Reverend Billy (political street theater) in Berkeley this Saturday!

  The world-renowned Reverend Billy of the Church of Stop Shopping will be in Berkeley this Saturday!  As part of his Fear of Banking tour, he will be performing an exorcism on a large, big, bad bank and invites Occupy Oakland to join him. Come to the Caffe Mediterraneum on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley this Saturday, 2/18, at noon. We will gather and then walk to a large bank, where Rev. Billy will exorcise the demons of evil from the bank. Dramatic participation will be encouraged! Further info at: http://revbilly.com/events/hilarious-exorcism-of-bank-of-america 19861


Update and new ideas from kitchen

Hi community, hers an update on what the cooks are talking about and some upcoming occupy oakland events that would love food support. FUTURE PLANS: -weekly free farmers market, where cooks and the community can offer and take produce for their homes and beyond -promotion of re-usable dish wear, we will hopefully obtain a re-usable dish set. if u can donate some plastic wear please contact us. Otherwise bring your own dish wear to GA’s and OO events -Fruit plucking program. with permission, gathering fruit from Oakland residence to distribute … Continued


Occupy Sacramento – Hoist The Colors High!

Compilation of footage taken from police brutality responses to our civil liberty demonstrations. Emphasis given on the evil pitted towards destroying our bill of rights and Constitution all together. We need a Doctor. A doctor like Dr. Martin Luther King. And a 10 million man march.   19816


Pacific Steel Workers March for Dignity – Berkeley City Hall – Friday, February 17, 2012 – 10:00 AM

MARCH FOR DIGNITY. Friday, February 17, 2012, 10:00 AM. Berkeley City Hall. * More than 200 workers of the Pacific Steel Casting plant in Berkeley, CA were laid off due to a “silent raid” conducted by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (ICE). * These laid off workers have organized a mutual support committee and will hold a public march, Friday, February 17, 2012, to fight the unjust layoffs they’ve suffered. * One laid off worker, Jesús Navarro, who is waiting for a kidney transplant, has been denied further treatment … Continued



The triumph of civilisation lacks nothing. Neither political terror nor affective poverty. Nor universal sterility. The desert cannot grow anymore: it is everywhere. But it can still deepen. Faced with the evidence of the catastrophe, there are those who get indignant and those who take note, those who denounce and those who get organised. We are among those who get organised.     continue… http://bloom0101.org/   19745