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From the Foreclosure Defense Group

The Occupy Oakland Foreclosure Defense Group has been meeting regularly since March of 2012. While we are all very proud of our accomplishments as a group, a number of factors–including the changing political terrain and shifting priorities for some key organizers–have led us to decide that it’s time to disband. We are keeping our hot line available and will refer callers to other local resources. We are also keeping our text alert system up and running for the foreseeable future. The relationships established and political will that we have built … Continued


Open Call to Comrades in Germany

Occupy Oakland peeps, Occupy4 Prisoners are working on California Prisoner Hunger strike solidarity. We had a solidarity demonstration at Corcoran State prison on Day 6. Today is Day 14. California Governor Jerry Brown is in Germany this week, we don’t know exactly where when, but he is scheduled to be in “Soest, Wüsten, Bremen, Berlin, Munich in Germany.. and visit the Dachau concentration camp.” Stop Torture in the California prisons! Please ask comrades in Germany (1) to do solidarity flash mobs/protests wherever Governor Brown is, and (2) to send pictures … Continued


See Occupy Love! Oakland Première, Mon. June 10, 6:00 PM

Oakland/Bay Area comrades – Occupy Love by Velcrow Ripper is a moving, powerful, and quite inspiring film. I was blessed to catch the San Francisco première some weeks ago.  See it to reflect on our work from October 10, 2011! The trailer: Monday,  June 10th @ 6:30 PM (according to the New Parkway’s calendar) The New Parkway Theater, 474 24th St., Oakland Tickets: Calendar Post with more info:   50239


Venezuelan Election Report Back

Sunday April 21 after the 2:00 pm General Assembly at OGP, Occupy Oakland participant Laura Wells will report back on the Venezuelan election after serving there as an international elections monitor. Hugo Chavez’s successor and incumbent President Nicolas Maduro has been declared the victor. She will then lead a discussion on “What California Can Learn from Hugo Chavez and Venezuela.” 48441


A Call for Men to React to Sexual Assault

A Call for Men to React to Sexual Assault From Amendment Twenty Eight/Mike Wilson Reposted from Occupy Oakland Open Forum on FB I’ve been jolted into action by a FB comrade, Sri Louise, who pointed out that it should be the heterosexual men among us who call attention to the gang-rape in Steubenville, OH last August, and the very official cover-up and defense which is still going on. In response, I’d like any and all who are willing to form an assembly to draft statements direct…ed at the Steubenville rapists … Continued


East Bay Social Forum social, 4/27 6:00 pm

The East Bay Social Forum celebrates eleven years of Social Forums and half a year of Occupys. Join us on Friday, April 27, from 6:00 to 8:00, at the Oakland Peace Center, 111 Fairmount Ave. (29th St.), Oakland, for the first of many Social Forum Socials to come. We’ll announce People’s Movement Assemblies (PMAs) to be held in the next months and plans for the upcoming Forum, discuss your proposals for PMAs, and provide a space to connect with other engaged folks. Please join us—we look forward to meeting you. … Continued


SEIU 1000 Union Chapter (SF) Endorses May 1 March for Dignity and Justice

Resolution adopted March 15, 2012 meeting, SEIU Local 1000 District Labor Council 743 (San Francisco), Regina Whitney, District Labor Council President. In Support of May 1 2012 March for Dignity and Justice, Oakland, California. “SEIU 1000 District Labor Council 743 (San Francisco) endorses the May 1 2012 March for Dignity and Justice in Oakland. Scheduled to begin at 3:00 pm at the Fruitvale BART and conclude at the Frank Ogawa Plaza that evening, this peaceful, family-friendly, immigrant and labor rights and anti-racist march has the full support of the Council. … Continued


On “law” and state political repression of Occupy/Decolonize in the lands now called the United States …

This essay gets it right. After all, the American people claiming democratic rights is just oh so inconvenient for the 1% and their representatives. Oakland’s municipal legal experiments are part of a national project to destroy American civil liberties. Tactics and strategies for repression, as well as legal innovations, to make the American people “sit down and shut up” are doubtless being shared across jurisdictions nationally. Stand up, fight back! John Hayakawa Torok 19871