General assembly


I believe that Oakland’s General Strike & Mass Day of Action on November 2 ought to go global to show solidarity with our Occupy brothers and sisters of Oakland. The Occupy LA is preparing for a Bank Transfer Day on November 5. This ought to go global too. Do not get arrested! If an occupation is forced to move by law inforcement, why not pick another strategic location; the mountain top removal company, Masi (spelling?) closed their union worker plants in one city and openned another in a different location … Continued


GA minutes 10-26-11

10/26/11 Arrival Time: 7:20 pm Approximate Head Count: 2,000 I may have missed parts that occurred before or after the starting and ending time.  I may have missed parts due to the fact that it was crowded, and there was low lighting. INTRODUCTION You need to submit your proposals online.  Three people need to make the proposal.  A phone number needs to be included on the proposal.  We will collect any written proposals now. (for review???) We have cultivated a modified consensus making process. (Explains) Facilitation group meets on the plaza … Continued


General Assembly 10/19/2011

I. Welcome  • The General Assembly may be the most important part of the occupation- we ask for your patience as this process is still developing. To practice respect for one another by allowing people to speak without interruption. • Skype session with Greece: Didn’t get to happen, they are storming banks and dealing with police! Will try to talk with them again in the future.  Plan to talk with Slovenia and Italy in the future. II. Welcome Announcements  III. Agenda Overview  IV. Forum:  “ How can we strengthen our solidarity with … Continued


General Assembly Minutes: 10/18/11

General Assembly 10/18/11 Arrival: 8:01 (I may have missed some parts that occurred earlier) Terms: FORUM is an open discussion centered around a topic that is affecting the group.  COMMITTEE ANNOUNCEMENTS are updates and reminders by committee reps.  GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS are open announcements under unspecified topics.  ACTION ANNOUNCEMENTS are new to this evening’s meeting; I am not sure of what they are.  PROPOSALS are items that are voted upon.  ???? denotes sections that were unclear or confusing to transcribe.  Italicized sections are my thoughts.  All bullet points are essential points … Continued