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anti-racist training in east bay

CHECK THIS OUT: Untraining Racism – September 15th Dear Friends and Colleagues, This organization has been an important part of my spiritual and political life for over 6 years. This introductory event is designed to support people’s awareness and activism around racism and white privilege. Please join me if you’re able and interested. Sincerely, Sean “Loving yourself is a political act. We are taught not to love ourselves, and from that place we are easily manipulated.” —Rita Shimmin Introductory Workshop The UNtraining: Healing Personal and Social Oppressions White People and … Continued


a self-assessment for participants in movements, particularly occupy oakland

Do I tend to always speak first, interrupt or take more than my share of space? Do I unilaterally set the agenda? Do I assume I’m more capable? Do I trivialize the experience of others? Do I challenge or question the tone, attitude or manner of others? Do I make assumptions about what someone is more “suited” for? Do I take responsibility for, think for, or speak for others? Do I assume an individual speaks for others from their group? Do I control the organization’s resources? Do I reduce difficulties … Continued


occupy oakland is becoming stuck on stupid.

or maybe it’s already there.  not just becoming stuck, but IS stuck. DoT, FTP, what it means to be a real “radical,” nonviolence, racial issues, misogyny, undercover greed/love of money, narcissism, patriarchy… all these issues…they seem magnified 10 fold in the movement.  it’s just sad and hurtful. 16666


response to bay dialectic regarding the emergency prop

Talk about a chicken-shit attack. “A_small_voice” had an opportunity to attend yesterday’s GA and articulate his/her opposition to the proposal to support the EGT grain ship action, but did not do so. The fact that s/he didn’t suggests to me that s/he understood that his/her attack on it could not withstand scrutiny. It is total BS to attack the supporters of this proposal as “the ones who talk the loudest and fastest” and then fail to show up to present your (presumably quiet and slowly enunciated) criticisms of it when … Continued


another “emergency” proposal for longview?

Proposal: Proposal to support the EGT Grain Ship arrival Action ***EGT Grain Ship Arrival – Call to Action by Occupy Longview Washington*** Occupy Longview (Washington) has put out a call to action to block the EGT grain ship expected to arrive in Longview mid-January. There has already been discussion between occupies in various cities to caravan here to Longview, WA for the purpose of blocking this ship. We, Occupy Oakland, endorse this call and stand ready to help with the planning and coordinating to make this action successful. Occupy Oakland’s … Continued



click on maxine holz’s name when s/he posts, and it will say “nancy oakes.” click on nancy oakes’ name when s/he posts, and it will say “maxine holz” @nancy oakes. click on gene sharp’s name when s/he posts and it will say “maxine holz” um, wtf. 8083


someone needs our HELP NOW!

♥ ♥ ♥ Allright world! Anyone who loves Pancho Ramos Stierle, call the following federal officials NOW and ask them to ask Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) to release (or lift) the immigration hold on him. Barbara Lee 510-763-0370. Nancy Pelosi 415-556-4862. Diane Feinstein 415-393-0707. We have 12 to 24 hours to act on this. ♥ ♥ ♥ RE-POST PLEASE! ——– Pancho was one of the first to be arrested at the second raid from the camp.  HE NEEDS SUPPORT.  He is still being held. reposted from Facebook 6230


Writing proposals and presenting proposals at the GA

As a regular GA participant, I am seeing that some people are struggling with writing and presenting clear proposals. Here are the problems that I see: Too wordy: persuasive and explanatory sections go on and on; too much soapboxing. No bottom line: lots of opinion-based commentary, but no final word on what it is you want people to do or to achieve Lack of knowledge of the subject matter: sometimes only one presenter is aware of the issues; sometimes there are conflicting ideas about the issues amongst presenters; sometimes the … Continued


Banking Action:  November 5th, at 10am – Join the march/action against Well’s Fargo practices of investing money into detention centers! “The most marginalized people within the 99% are fed up and we are calling for an occupation of Well’s Fargo Detention Center in Downtown Oakland just a few yards away from the Occupy Oakland Camp. Well’s Fargo Detention Center (AKA Bank) has been making Billions of dollars investing in Immigrant Detention Centers (AKA Concentration Camps) and at the same time they invest aggressively in anti-immigrant lobbying to pass laws like … Continued