General Assembly Minutes: 10/18/11

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General Assembly


Arrival: 8:01 (I may have missed some parts that occurred earlier)

Terms: FORUM is an open discussion centered around a topic that is affecting the group.  COMMITTEE ANNOUNCEMENTS are updates and reminders by committee reps.  GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS are open announcements under unspecified topics.  ACTION ANNOUNCEMENTS are new to this evening’s meeting; I am not sure of what they are.  PROPOSALS are items that are voted upon.  ???? denotes sections that were unclear or confusing to transcribe.  Italicized sections are my thoughts.  All bullet points are essential points made by speakers.

FORUM: What are ways that OO can be used to positively influence conditions in Oakland?

  • It’s anticapitalist!  “An injury to one is an injury to all!”  Long live the OO movement.  More power to the people.  (lots of applause)
  • How do we outreach to Oakland: We need to solidify our demands.  I think we need to focus on those so we can come together.  There was a political organization meeting about Oakland Schools – we did it during school hours and we need to make it more accessible.  We need to stop gang injuntions.  We need to stop foreclosures.  Overall, it needs to be accessible to the 99% of Oakland.
  • It’s going to get cold. Are you ready? We are going to have a birth!  We have a children’s facility – among the first in the nation to do this.  Is there any romance?
  • I’ve been working to preserve public services and public education.  I’m hearing a lot of comments about how we can mobilize this energy.  Here is something we can do (we may propose this on Thursday): 11/9, 11/10 Board of Ed and Community College Board will meet.  11/15- 11/7 Regents will vote on budget decisions.  11/16th Cal State Long Beach, UC SF.  We want to shut those down.
  • This space need to be cop free.  We need to be against curfews and gang injunctions.  Maybe we need to occupy buildings too!  Free clinic for Oakland!
  • COPS ARE AT SNOW PARK.  WE NEED PEOPLE TO GO OVER THERE AND BE PEACEFUL.  (19th and Harrison) (Point of Process : is this an action that is a proposal? Should this be voted on?)
  • ????
  • Don’t cat-call please.  I’m here for the people.  Keep each other in check, don’t let each other cat-call each other. (other comments…not sure???)


  • We had the first meeting regarding…???
  • Night watch committee is here.  This is what you need to do if you hear an alarm (gave directions).  Last night, cops came to the plaza because there was a medical call.  We need to be able to tell the difference between a regular altercation and an emergency.  Meet at the flagpole at 11:00 for shift-sign up.
  • The working committee is trying to raise revenue to maintain the park.  We are thinking of: online store, cooperatives, etc.
  • Media Committee: We need video content with up to the minute information.  We are running on pedal power so please help us out.  We want to communicate with other groups.


  • This is a political statement.  Little kids running around troubles me.  Cops can show up at any time.
  • We need conflict resolution.  We have non-violent communication training.  We’ll do it at 1pm daily.  If you want training, come on down.
  • We are going to Snow park now if you’d like to leave.  (8:29)
  • They (the cops) are intimidating people.  Campers are negotiating with the police.  They can’t get anything done.  They need help.
  • I was evicted from my apartment without notice.  I have demands and I am staging a demonstration.  Give your support if interested.



  • I think as a collective, we are messing up.  We aren’t protesting as hard as we should.  What if the police came now?  Are we prepared to defend or escape?  People are partying, conversing, and barbecuing.  We are meeting regarding demands.  We need to decide what we are going to do. Let’s meet right now.
  • REPORT BACK: I think there is a fight.  There is someone who is fighting with everyone.
  • “We offer our support for all those who are striking.  We wish to send a message that if you are fighting back, then we got your back!”  We want to send this message out to work places.


  • I think we should close off the meeting because there isn’t a quorum.  We need to postpone this til tomorrow.  (applause)



Approximately 8:45 pm.  Post any changes, comments, or feedback.



2 Responses to “General Assembly Minutes: 10/18/11”

  1. maxr

    This isn’t exact words but the gist. The plan that people agreed upon was De-escalate the situation. Have mediation and separate the individuals that are fighting or the individual that is unsafe. Get people with background in conflict/resolution, and therapy, and other resources to offer support to these situations. Have people on hand(5 or so) that can physically intervene when it comes to that. And take the people that are in a fight and bring them to different sides of the camp, and possibly outside the camp until they calm down and at that point it can be assessed whether it is ok to bring them back in camp or not.

    There was also discussion about what to about the police. People decided after deliberation on sticking with the plan laid out by the Night Watch, earlier in the night.

  2. Phil

    More notes from the General Assembly, and the Emergency General Assembly called afterward (at around 9:30pm)

    More suggestions for creating change:
    -Fair wages for people collecting recycling
    -Public banks are an antidote to private bank control (there is only 1 public bank- its in N. Dakota)
    -Move your money! from banks to credit unions
    -Stop the gang injunctions

    Committee Announcements:
    NIghtwatch: -Nightwatch is only for looking out for police. Safer Spaces handles internal matters. Please listen to nightwatch and be respectful of their role.
    Working Committee- meets at 6pm behind the flagpole
    Media Committee- meets 3pm and 6pm at the media tent. Needs 24 hr shift volunteers

    EMERGENCY GENERAL ASSEMBLY (9:something- 10:something pm)
    A meeting was held in the amphitheater to figure out how to handle individuals and incidents that disrupt camp safety.
    Issues discussed: understanding and solidarity around mental illness, dealing with violence, the need for camp self-defense, ensuring the camp remains police free.
    -The meeting contained more than 50 people. The meeting decided to adopt a temporary plan to respond to disruptive or violent incidents and people in the camp. -The plan will then be brought up in the GA on 10/19.
    -The Safer Spaces committee also will discuss how to respond on 10/19
    7 proposals were made.
    Members unanimously voted for the following:
    PLAN: 1. De-escalate the situation through calm crisis communication. Listen and talk to the upset/angry person. 2. If the violent person does not deescalate, non-violently but physically restrain them with the minimum necessary force. 3. Call for an ambulance to respond OUTSIDE of the camp. 4. Lead the disruptive person to the nearest perimeter and deliver them to the first responders (police will by law arrive with the ambulance, but remain outside the camp).