Ohio Prisoners Declare Victory After Three Day Hunger Strike Inspired by Occupy Oakland

On Wednesday evening, February 22, 2012, twenty-five prisoners at Ohio’s supermax prison ate their first meal since Sunday night. The hunger strike was inspired by the Occupy4Prisoners National Day of Action called for by Occupy Oakland. According to Siddique Abdullah Hasan, one of the hunger strikers, they initially intended a one day fast as a “symbolic gesture, a way of locking arms with the people on the outside.” By Monday evening, the prisoners had decided to issue demands and continue refusing food. Their demands included specific changes in the conditions … Continued


OGPG 2/20/2012

Capitalism and Mass Incarceration Excerpted from Are Prisons Obsolete? Angela Davis, 2003 …When the drive to produce more prisons and incarcerate ever larger numbers of people occurred in the 1980s during what is known as the Reagan era, politicians argued that tough on crime stances—including certain imprisonment and longer sentences—would keep communities free of crime. However, the practice of mass incarceration during that period had little or no effect on official crime rates. In fact, the most obvious pattern was that larger prison populations led not to safer communities, but … Continued


Occupy San Quentin News 2/20/12 (Marin IJ & ABC news)

Occupy Oakland rallies at San Quentin, turning Presidents Day into Prisoners’ Day By Paul Liberatore Marin Independent Journal Occupy protesters listen to speeches under the watchful eyes of police at the main gate to San Quentin Prison. As part of a national “day of solidarity” with inmates, about 700 Occupy demonstrators rallied peacefully outside San Quentin State Prison’s East Gate on Monday in support of prison hunger strikers protesting solitary confinement and other human rights issues. Many of the demonstrators were from Occupy Oakland, whose members clashed with police in … Continued


Occupy Oakland Forum on Police Actions – Grand Lake Theater – Thursday, February 9, 2012 – 6:15 PM

On Thursday, February 9, 2012 at 6:15 PM, Occupy Oakland will be holding a Forum on Police Actions at the Grand Lake Theater. Although the Citizen’s Police Review Board Forum on the police response to Occupy Oakland, previously scheduled for Feb 9th, has been indefinitely postponed, the show WILL go on. Occupy Oakland is willing to pick up where the City of Oakland leaves off! Many thanks to the Grand Lake Theater for hosting this event. See you there! 18926


OGPG 2/6/2012

AN OAKLAND MEDIC’S FIRSTHAND REPORT OF THE EVENTS OF JANUARY 28 source: First of all, I was privileged to be out there with a lot of brave and beautiful people. I’d like to give my own account of what happened on Saturday, because the mainstream coverage I’ve seen has been universally laughable, not that that’s any surprise. Folks were mostly gathered up in Oscar Grant Plaza by about noon, and the march started around 1 or 1:30. There were probably between one and two thousand marchers. There was a … Continued


A Statement from Occupy Oakland’s Move-In Assembly

To the Occupy Oakland family and all supporters of Occupy Oakland: We are writing in regards to any misconceptions you may have regarding last Saturday’s (1/28) Move-In Day to reclaim the unused Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center. We have had to brave a heavy campaign launched by the city and the mainstream media to discredit us, and unfortunately some within our ranks have taken such misrepresentations at face value. We hope that this statement can help clear things up. We remember how beautiful we all were on our march, a … Continued


Rising Tide North America States Solidarity with Occupy Oakland

Rising Tide North America Statement of Solidarity with Occupy Oakland See the original post here. San Francisco, CA– The climate justice group Rising Tide North America released this statement in response to the brutal attack against Occupy Oakland on Jan. 28th by the Oakland Police Department and subsequent lies and misinformation being spread by Oakland Mayor Jean Quan and her administration: “Rising Tide North America stands in solidarity with Occupy Oakland and the marchers in the Jan. 28 “Move In Day” march that was brutally attacked by the Oakland police … Continued


Healing Circle for Occupy Activists with Starhawk & Fellow Healers!

HELLO OCCUPY OAKLAND! Please join us this Sunday, February 5, 6:30-8:30pm for a Healing Circle for Occupy Activists with: Starhawk, and fellow healers Luisah Teish, Riyanna, George Franklin, Evelie Delfino Sales, and more. In recent weeks, activists with the Occupy movement have been hard-hit by police violence, arrest and imprisonment. Join us in a safe space to acknowledge, release and heal from the pain, fear, rage and trauma, so we can come back stronger. In sacred space, we can connect from the heart. Open to those of all spiritual persuasions—or … Continued


OGPG 2/1/2012

Six Occupiers Remain in Custody with Felony Charges (UPDATED) Today at Wiley M. Manuel courthouse, the occupiers taken into custody on J28 had their first day in court. The arraignments were split between the fourth and sixth floors, and I stayed up on six, where felonies were heard. I heard a second-hand report from the legal team that charges were not pressed against anyone arrested inside the YMCA. At the time of writing I am still waiting for confirmation from the NLG. The large number of cases (around sixty) unheard … Continued