Facilitation Committee needs help!

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The Facilitation Committee needs help!  We can’t keep up with necessary behind-the-scene logistics, much of it on the website, unless we get new committee members.  The GA is a crucial community activity.  Please help it to run smoothly by volunteering with the Facilitation Committee.  You can contact us at occupyoaklandfacilitation@gmail.com.

Tasks we need help with, which should be shared by several people, include:

–responding to emails

–updating the proposal queue when we get proposals by email

–attending meetings on Wednesday at noon and Saturday at 4 to receive additional proposals and vote on emergency status

–updating the proposal queue after those meetings

–formatting and printing out the agenda script for facilitators

–printing out the quarter-page agendas to distribute at GAs

We also need more people interested in doing GA facilitation, including crowd advocates, stack balancers, note takers and time keepers as well as facilitators.

Please e-mail us at occupyoaklandfacilitation@gmail.com if you can help support the crucial work of the Facilitation Committee and the GA.  Thank you!


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