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Riseup.netSince the early days of our movement, the Web Committee and many others in Occupy Oakland have received valuable free services from the activist collective at Riseup.net. Riseup provides secure and stable communications tools for free to social revolutionaries and groups around the world. We in the Web Committee have long benefited from our group’s email list, one of the valuable services that Riseup provides. Other committees, caucuses, and groups have taken advantage of this service to facilitate efficient communication amongst their members. Additionally, Riseup allowed us to use their service to email notices about May 1st to the thousands of users who signed up for accounts on occupyoakland.org. They are also coming out with new services, including secure virtual private networks and etherpad. They provide useful tips and links regarding secure communication, such as encrypting email, on their help pages (https://help.riseup.net/en/security).

On the Web Committee, we have long offered to set up Riseup lists for new groups in Occupy Oakland. We also make use of our riseup.net email addresses to keep our communications from passing through corporate email companies.

In addition to providing all these valuable free services, Riseup works hard to protect its users’ data. It never logs IP addresses, and it stores data, including emails, in encrypted form on its servers.

For these reasons, we in the Web Committee want to support Riseup’s fundraising efforts. They are working to raise money to pay for the logistical costs of the services they provide, like running their servers. So if you are looking for a worthwhile cause to support, you can donate to Riseup online via PayPal, WePay, or others by following the links at:



On 11/17/2012 10:15 PM, newsletter@lists.riseup.net wrote:

[riseup] thank you / gracias / merci / danke / grazie / obrigado / спасибо тебе

Thanks to you, and you, and you!

Dear Riseup Users:

We are at the end of our fundraising drive and we want to thank everyone
who opened up your hearts and pocket books to us. We feel really
supported by all of you and will return the favor by being there for you
over the coming year. Here are our final numbers: 1,693 people donated
US$43,480 amount of money.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you! While it wasn't quite as much as we
wanted, it goes most of the way to cover our costs.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you! We didn't know, when we asked,
whether we could raise this much money, but you pitched in and that's

We'll keep doing what we do, and wish you all success, joy, and luck in
everything you do.


The Riseup Birds

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