Vigil Needs Support Tonight

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We (OO) Need You at Oscar Grant Plaza (14th and Broadway) at 9:30 PM Tonight (Tuesday, November 29th)!

A teepee was erected at OGP today after initially being blocked but then succeeding after a stand-down between OO, the police, and the city. This action was an exercise for freedom of religion and is also part of the vigil being held at OGP (see below) and also in support of the tree sitters. The standoff ended when the city granted permission for the teepee to be present except between the hours of 10:00 pm and 6:00 am.

We believe the first amendment has no curfew.

We (OO) need a call out to people to go to OGP at 9:30 pm tonight to support the vigil and pressure the police and the city to defend our First Amendment rights.

Is anyone available to go to OGP tonight at 9:30pm and live stream this?

Emergency Proposal passed by OO GA (11/23/11): Vigil at the Plaza: We propose holding a 24 hour vigil – it would include tents, library, interaction with the public, activity, etc., but without sleeping. A vigil is completely allowed and would not be interfered with, whereas camping is illegal.


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