Site Upgrades 1/27/12

Categories: Web Committee

The Web Committee has been struggling with two different issues. Our site is in need of more (and more timely) content, in order to reflect the events and issues of the Occupy Oakland community. On the other hand, we have seen a rise in spam posts. The measures we take to open the site up more will allow more spam in, while measures which prevent spam from getting in at all will prevent most  Occupiers from getting in as well.

We have formulated a plan to address this problem. The first part is that we are streamlining the look of the website. This should help make the information more presentable and easier to find.

The second part is that we will be changing the software that part of the site runs on. This is to fix some of the security and reliability issues.  There may be a few times when things stop working for a short while as we update these components. Or a button that you are used to using will disappear.  Just keep looking, that button has likely been replaced or renamed. We will also be working on making changes to the way that comments and discussions are moderated. We are moving to a more self-moderating discussion model, as opposed to the current model, where the task of moderation is only done by the Web Committee.

This is your website. If you are an OO committee or caucus and are not being represented, or if you have any other questions/requests, please feel free to contact us at:


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