You Have a Choice. Einstein, or one of Twenty Two-Footed, Prehensile Two-Handed Humans.

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Twenty candidates for Mayor on the wall.
Twenty candidates for Mayor.
You take one down…
You pass him or her around…
Twenty-one candidates for Mayor on the wall.

And then there’s Einstein.  On the Internet, no one has to know you’re a dog, but at the City Clerk’s office it’s a different story. Species bias has prevented the next Mayor or Oakland from being listed on the ballot, but that has not stopped the future His-Canine-Honor from creating a Mayoral platform, website, twitter account and a Facewoof page.

Now, it seems, the Main Stream Media are waking up to dog slobber the prospect of a canine calling the shots at City Hall (something many feel would be a significant improvement – see selected comments below).  Einstein has had two articles written about his campaign (in the SF Chronicle and SF Fist), and  a news report on KTVU.  All in the last few days!

Einstein will run-on-the-grass-roots, refusing campaign contributions. However, you can support Einstein for Mayor by making a contribution to Monique Robinson’s son Taylor’s support fund.

Vote early. Vote relatively often. Vote Einstein!


Selected comments about Einstein’s candidacy:

” I would vote for Einstein in a nanosecond over Quan and Kaplan, were I an Oaktown voter.”

“I’ll vote for the dog.”

“The dog likely drives better.”

“Still a way better option than Quan or her cronies.”

“I’m confident that this dog would be both: a.) a better leader, b.) a better driver than Quan.”


More about Einstein:

Einstein Gets Serious, Relatively. His Particularly Perilous Political Platform for Plutocrats.

Q&A With Einstein For Mayor: Everything is Relative.

Einstein For Mayor!




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