CALL FOR PANELS, WORKSHOPS, SPEAKERS & PERFORMANCES Occupy Oakland Liberate Everything Conference     Occupy Oakland will host a major conference dedicated to developing tactics, strategy, unity, and vision with the Occupy movement. With electoral politics heating up and eager to coopt the energy of Occupy, it’s vital that we push the movement in a more radical direction! When?:  TBD The Occupy Oakland Conference Assembly & Events Committee is organizing the program for this three day event, which will include panels and discussions on themes including, but not limited to: … Continued


FTP: Montreal March Part 2–Bring a Pan! 7/9p 6/2/12

We’ve all seen the images of the hundreds of thousands of people in the streets of Quebec. Our comrades up north are really turning up the volume and standing up for the world they want! Come out Saturday night in solidarity for a second night of “casserole”-style marching, which means…bring your pots and pans! This is gonna be the LOUDEST FTP march EVER! Bring red squares of cloth too. 19th & Telegraph, Rally at 7, march at 9. And as usual, TAC asks for the following: SHIELDS: If you have the capability … Continued


Stockton General Strike! 5/31/12

May Day! May Day! Shut down Stockton! Come out May 31 to Stockton, California and help shut down the town to protest racist police murders, criminally greedy banks and a corrupt and incompetent city government! Justice for James Rivera! Justice for Luther Brown Justice for the People of Stockton! 1-130pm– Meet-up/drop off point-Eden Park (El Dorado St) 2-3pm– Rally @ MLK park (El Dorado & Fremont) 3-5pm– Bank Shutdown Parties and Justice for the Families march through Downtown Stockton 5-8pm– “the Right–to-Assemble” Street Dance Party All-day BBQ and Services @ … Continued


How to Protect Students from Sexual Violence? Pepper Spray Them!

Last week, the UC Davis “Pepper Spray Incident Task Force,” dubbed the “Reynoso Task Force” for its chair, Law School Professor Emeritus and former California Supreme Court Justice Cruz Reynoso, released its report. The conclusion was that the pepper spraying of studentsseated in the Quad on November 18, 2011 “should and could have been prevented.” Well it’s a relief that the task force’s three-and-a-half-month investigation proved what pretty much all of us who watched the red spray come out of that hose over and over again on our television screens … Continued


Truth and Reasons for Occupying America’s Streets

Truth and Reasons for Occupying America’s Streets If you leave your freedom in the hands of those in public office then you will no longer have that freedom. Democracy is the fraud of plutocracy! This is the most important information presently obtainable about the evil forces that are trying to destroy your family’s lives. Make no mistake, this is the truth and you need to give it your complete attention now. There is a war going on, the plutocracy’s nominees in governments all over the world are supporting, destroying and … Continued


Join Reverend Billy (political street theater) in Berkeley this Saturday!

  The world-renowned Reverend Billy of the Church of Stop Shopping will be in Berkeley this Saturday!  As part of his Fear of Banking tour, he will be performing an exorcism on a large, big, bad bank and invites Occupy Oakland to join him. Come to the Caffe Mediterraneum on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley this Saturday, 2/18, at noon. We will gather and then walk to a large bank, where Rev. Billy will exorcise the demons of evil from the bank. Dramatic participation will be encouraged! Further info at: http://revbilly.com/events/hilarious-exorcism-of-bank-of-america 19861


Benefit Show1/15 for OO Move-in!!!

Come one come all! Last minute benefit show to fund Occupy Oakland’s move-in on Sunday January 28! Bring yr friends! SUNDAY JANUARY 15 AT PURPLE HAUS ALL AGES $5 OR MORE, no-one turned away. STILL SUIT +2TBA! (Want to play? see e-mail address below) Grub from FNB! Cheap beerz! PLUS Monday’s a holiday, so you either don’t have work, or being tired and/or hungover is an option! If you want to help plan the event please contact parasiticyouth@gmail.com . If you can’t make it to the show but want to … Continued


Research Working Group Meeting

All are welcome to the… RESEARCH WORKING GROUP MEETING _____DATE: Sunday, January 8th _____TIME: 3:00-4:00pm _____LOCATION: Farley’s East, 33 Grand Ave (bet. Broadway and Webster), Oakland, 94612. Two blocks north of the 19th St. BART. _____MORE INFO: Contact Yvonne at yvonnegrapher at gmail.com or Darwin at darwinbondgraham at gmail.com. GOALS: 1) To build a research community in Oakland and to share skills 2) To support Occupy Oakland’s upcoming actions, such as the building occupation on 1/28 3) To provide research for long-term strategy and action, such as targeted research about … Continued


The NDAA Passed – where where you?? Occupy Earth – this is a priority…

Well, we went out there to the occupy SF raleigh, was a scene as usual, sisters, brothers out on the streets peacefully protesting against the treatment of the majority, us, by the selfish, greedy 1% that don’t care about anything other than themselves and their power and monetary gain. I was saddened that on today, on “Bill of Rights” Day – congress was able to pass the NDAA – indefinite detention without trial. You think Guantanamo was bad, this is Guantanamo on a worldwide stage, and President Obama looks like … Continued


Indefinite detention for U.S. citizens – We need to act now – this threatens us all.

This is of the up most important – Congress is trying to put though a bill that will allow government, and our military, to detain U.S. citizens INDEFINITELY WITHOUT TRAIL.  Please at the least spread this around – sign the petition, call congress and the senate. https://secure.aclu.org/site/Advocacy?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=3897&s_subsrc=SEM_Google_search-indefinite-detention_Indefinite-detention_indefinite%20detention%20obama_p_9302629342 And if you can get to Occupy Oakland, please make banners & boards speaking out against this, demanding that we remain a democracy.  This new bill, if it goes through and isn’t veto’d, threatens us all, it’s so broad, any one of us … Continued