The NDAA Passed – where where you?? Occupy Earth – this is a priority…

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Well, we went out there to the occupy SF raleigh, was a scene as usual, sisters, brothers out on the streets peacefully protesting against the treatment of the majority, us, by the selfish, greedy 1% that don't care about anything other than themselves and their power and monetary gain. I was saddened that on today, on "Bill of Rights" Day - congress was able to pass the NDAA - indefinite detention without trial. You think Guantanamo was bad, this is Guantanamo on a worldwide stage, and President Obama looks like he's backing out of his "veto" threat and is going to sign in this bill within days. Where is the Occupy movement on this? I estimate that there were a mere 500 people there. This issue effects us all and is time sensitive - is there any hope of gathering enough resistance to pressure Obama to veto this dictatorial measure? If anyone has any idea's or links to people that are are trying pressure Obama to veto this, please fwd - ever in hope.......

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  1. David Heatherly

    Occupy SF should try a bit harder to let Occupy Oakland know about their rallies and so forth. I never heard about this and would have made a lot of effort to be there if I had known. But I think most Occupy people don’t really understand that this measure is designed so that they can terrorize us and other dissidents on a new level.

  2. John Ellis

    2011 NDAA — No Defense Authorization Act

    In essence, what the NDAA does is declare anyone who organizes a protest against the government to be a terrorist guilty of trying to start a riot for the purpose of overthrowing the government. For just like last summer when the FBI did a midnight raid on the homes of a dozen leaders of large protest groups, so will be the new law apply only to the large protests and target only their followers

    For NDAA makes us all creatures of the state with no defense, absolutely no Bill Of Rights or any other legal defense to free us from black site detention.

    Occupy Wall Street movement — Can it be contained?

    We see now a full court press upon the Occupy movement nationwide. For riot causing police shut down each Camp Occupy as it starts to form, mainstream corporate media gives them no coverage except to label them as no-nothings with a no-goal agenda and all their WEB sites are being saturated with paid actor confusion.