Indefinite detention for U.S. citizens – We need to act now – this threatens us all.

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This is of the up most important – Congress is trying to put though a bill that will allow government, and our military, to detain U.S. citizens INDEFINITELY WITHOUT TRAIL.  Please at the least spread this around – sign the petition, call congress and the senate.

And if you can get to Occupy Oakland, please make banners & boards speaking out against this, demanding that we remain a democracy.  This new bill, if it goes through and isn’t veto’d, threatens us all, it’s so broad, any one of us could be found arrested as an “enemy combatant”, our civil liberties, habeos corpus, destroyed.  As countries around the world fight their dictators, we cannot sit by and allow our government to effectively become a dictatorship.  Please act today.

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  1. John Ellis

    Occupy movement — Destroy it before it destroys us

    Here we are in a worldwide war with those satanic terrorists such as Hamas and Hezbollah, such as terrorist Iran which will have the A-bomb by Christmas, such as “anti-US Venezuela which has just made the Organization of American States obsolete, and comes now this Occupy movement to publicly threaten riots to overthrow our beloved government.

    Surely now is not the time to protest. When our War of Terror is over then people may protest, but until then anyone who protests is a “shutdown the ports” and destroy the economy terrorist.

    America love it or leave it, but do not you dare to protest against it. We will make sure of that.

    For on the one hand we see the people organizing an Occupy movement that has vowed to overthrow a Washington they see as pure corruption, while on the other had we see Washington creating a law that could put every occupier in detention for life. Do you see the connection?