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Tina’s Community Store Grand Opening

Fat Ed & his buddy Tina Flores are working towards sending a container of medical supplies and computers to the UNIFA Medical School in Haiti in April or May.  Ed has already got about 70 or so computers ready, and would like to send another 30 or so, but can use donated tech-crap (working monitors, hard drives, keyboards, rodents, memory, computers, he’ll format them and put Linux on them so you don’t have to worry about your data). To raise money for the container Tina is opening a thrift store … Continued


Call Out for a Drone-free Alameda County!


Protest the Coming of Drones to Alameda County! Alameda County Board of Supervisors Public Protection Committee Hearing 1:00PM, Thursday, February 14, 2013 1221 Oak Street Board Chambers, Room 512, 5th Floor More event info. Alameda County does not need drones intruding on its privacy or its pocketbook. Alameda County Against Drones (ACAD), a grassroots community organization that formed to oppose Sheriff Ahern’s push to buy a surveillance drone, will attend the Alameda County Public Protection Committee’s drone hearing on February 14th. The Sheriff is understating drones’ threat to privacy and … Continued


FTP on 3,1,13 Meet at 14 and broadway 7:00pm

FTP March - Jan 14, 2012

Hello people of the world. It is time that people come and march as a bloc. Let’s keep it fun and cool , we have a set of rules to keep every safe so we can all march in peace. FUCK THE POLICE MARCH FTP2.0 – FUCK THE POLICE Take our pigs for a walk. They need the exercise. And it only costs the city $50K a week! *** This event is being called by the Occupy Oakland Tactical Action Committee. It might continue weekly. The Tactical Action Committee was … Continued


“Occupy the Bay” is Your Documentary

JUST 9 DAYS LEFT for the kickstarter campaign.“Occupy the Bay,” a full-length documentary by local independent filmmakers about Occupy in Oakland, Berkeley and San Francisco, is now in final editing and is seeking completion funding through This is the film about Occupy in YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD. YOU might even be in it! This film explores links to ILWU strikers and historical social movements, as well as including interviews of Occupiers, footage on the police eviction of Occupy Oakland, General Strike, port shutdown, May Day, Occupy the Farm, police brutality, Alan … Continued


Oakland band shoots music video for Occupy

Oakland band Midnight Raid released their music video for the song “Fire” this week. Band members have been present at various demonstrations and wanted to do their part for Occupy Oakland. Support Occupy, Support local music, Stop Brutality. 45950


“Occupy the Bay” – local documentary

“Occupy the Bay,” an independent local documentary about Occupy Oakland, Berkeley and San Francisco is now raising funds through for a final edit and entry into film festivals in the coming months.  Please go to kickstarter to see the trailer and read about funding  needs and incentives. 45877


Quite A Bit Of Reasons Americans Might Want A Law Firm

As people, when we go home and listen to the radio or watch T.V., we get bombarded with ads for law offices which, in most cases, we quickly change the channel and never think about again. But, is there a good reason that you may find yourself wanting to get a law firm? Well, in most cases, the answer’s yes. Maybe not right at this moment but, some time in your life, chances are you will find yourself in need of a law office to represent you for one reason … Continued


David Rovics concert benefit for Occupy Oakland, Mon. Dec. 10


David Rovics Benefit for Occupy Oakland on December 10th   There will be a concert benefit for Occupy Oakland at the Niebyl-Proctor Marxist Library on Monday, December 10th, doors open at 6 PM, music at 7 PM. Tickets will be $10 a piece or whatever you can afford.  There will be free food, as well as beverages for sale. Niebyl-Proctor Marxist Library 6501 Telegraph Ave. Oakland, California David’s music is simply wonderful, sometimes moving and emotional, often hysterically funny, but always vitally concerned with making the world a better place. … Continued


Let’s Feast & Occupy the Plaza: 2nd Annual Occupresence Convivial, Nov 22nd


Please Join us at Oscar Grant Plaza for our 2nd Annual Occupresence Convivial. This will be a day full of delicious foods, entertainment, the return of  “Grateful Mic”, and family fun to help celebrate each other, our friendships, and reaffirm our presence & commitment to community service. Help make Thursday, November 22nd, a fun loving day of gratitude, by sharing and bringing your favorite food dish, music makers and instruments, movies, videos, and anything else that will help make this day memorable for those who normally go without. Bring Friends … Continued