Hundreds of OWS protesters march in NYC

Originally published in Newsday: January 29, 2012 7:03 PM Updated: January 29, 2012 10:37 PM By From staff and wire reports Photo credit: Howard Schnapp | Occupy Wall Street protesters march towards Thompkins Square Park in New York, New York. (Jan. 29, 2012) Galleries Occupy Wall Street demonstration Photos: Celebs show up at Occupy Wall Street Close to 300 Occupy Wall Street protesters marched through the streets of Manhattan Sunday night in a show of support for anti-Wall Street demonstrators in Oakland, Calif., more than 400 of whom were arrested … Continued


OAKLAND’S DIRTY WAR: An Analysis of Repression at the Plaza

Excerpt from Oscar Grant Plaza Gazette Day 107 PDF: ogpg107 …[I]n Oakland more than anywhere else, friendly weather and sustained militancy have given rise to a different [law enforcement] approach, one similarly premised on chipping away at the movement through attrition and fatigue but doing so in a far more repressive manner. One key ingredient to this peculiar constellation of forces is the empty vessel perched atop the city government: Mayor Jean Quan. Quan was discredited long ago and from all sides, hated by the left for unleashing the near … Continued


More on Longview Action and EGT

Note: This is the first in a series of releases over the next two weeks explaining the role of the Occupy Movement in the struggle against EGT Development and their parent company Bunge Ltd that is developing into a large-scale action in Longview, Washington. All releases will be posted at  * For immediate release – Jan 18, 2012 Contact: Kari Koch or Jess Kincaid – (503) 567-8694; Barucha Peller (415) 574-8138; Stan Woods (510) 681-7224 West Coast Occupiers will travel to Longview to stop grain shipment. Caravan and protest … Continued


Occupy Protesters Cause Stir at Licorice Strike

Reposted from Union City Patch By Zoneil Maharaj January 9, 2012 Tensions flared at the American Licorice factory Monday as protesters associated with the Occupy Oakland movement joined the month-old factory workers’ strike, blocking entrances and turning away delivery trucks. According to protesters, about 100 protesters were onsite between 5 and 6 a.m. and had helped turn away three freight delivery trucks in the morning before local police were sent to escort vehicles into the factory lot. Many of the protesters had dispersed by noon, when only a dozen … Continued


Account of OPD’s attacks on Occupy Oakland in the last two weeks and what you can do to fight against the repression!

In the last two weeks, Occupy Oakland has been the victim of almost-daily raids. Over fifty of us have been arrested, many of whom have been detained for days only to have their flimsy charges dropped when finally taken to court.  Many of us have been targeted, harassed and arrested by OPD for merely being a consistent presence at Occupy Oakland. Additionally, we all live in constant fear of the reality that OPD, at any moment, could snatch us off the street based on our affiliation to the movement. This is Police … Continued


Oakland Occupy Report 1/2/12-1/8/12

Reprinted from the Oakland Occupy Report, a weekly email newsletter about Occupy Oakland activities. First of all, I want to give thanks. There has been a tremendous public outcry against the charges against Khali and Tiffany.  In part because of this, Tiffany who was arrested for felony “lynching” has been let out of jail.  Khali’s arraignment is Monday. We can make a difference. HOW YOU CAN HELP: 1) Fourteen people, including the founder of this newsletter, were arrested on Wednesday when the police raided the peaceful Occupy Oakland vigil.  These … Continued


Violence and Arrests at Anti-Repression/ Fuck the Police March

By Cami Graves January 7, 2012 Tonight the Occupy Oakland Tactical Action Committee called for a rally and march to protest police repression of Occupy Oakland. Protestors met at Oscar Grant Plaza at 7pm. Some wore black–a tactic called “black bloc” to help keep cops from distinguishing demonstrators and picking them out of the crowd–while others brought bubbles to make their nonviolent intentions clear. At 9pm, the marchers headed to the Oakland PD headquarters at 7th and Broadway where they were met by a line of officers with batons and … Continued


Mini Tipi, Vigilia-Protesta – Enero 08, 2012

La noche del Domingo (Enero 08, 2012) un sentimiento de protesta que llega al corazon. Como viente or mas mini tipis estaban iluminando la noche. Una noche que tiene la esperanza por mañana mejor. Si tienes tiempo ven a la plaza y aunque no sepas que hacer or decir se parte de la protesta, del moviemiento. Entre mas Latinos vengan, mas nos connectamos para participar mas. Te necesitamos. Participa en el moviento para un futuro mejor, para mi, para ti, para todos nosotros (el 99%).   15272


Police Beat Anti-Police Protestors, Arrest Six; Multiple Injuries at Jan 7 Demonstration Against Police Repression

Re-posted from On January 7, 2012, Occupy Oakland supporters participated in an “Anti-repression / Fuck the Police” march to the Oakland police station in order to condemn the series of outrageous and violent arrests committed by the Oakland Police Department during the past week. Also referred to as “Occububbles”, the march was attended by people who brought out mini-teepees, blew bubbles, and played drums. At the police station protesters were met by a large group of police in riot gear. Police began advancing toward the protesters, and, failing to … Continued


Feminist And Queer 1 day Occupation of the 19th and Telegraph Lot!

Occupy Patriarchy! Come to the Feminist/Queer block event on Jan 8 , noon to 5, at the lot on 19th and Telegraph. Occupy Oakland’s feminist/queer block is organizing to eventually occupy/decolonize a building and establish a collective space in Oakland (at a location that remains undisclosed). On January 8th we will kick off with an event at 19th and Telegraph, noon to 5pm. Presentations, discussions, and a direct action are being planned. The first two points of unity for the group are: 1. This capitalist society is based on a … Continued