Oakland Occupy Report 1/2/12-1/8/12

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Reprinted from the Oakland Occupy Report, a weekly email newsletter about Occupy Oakland activities.

First of all, I want to give thanks. There has been a tremendous public outcry against the charges against Khali and Tiffany.  In part because of this, Tiffany who was arrested for felony “lynching” has been let out of jail.  Khali’s arraignment is Monday.

We can make a difference.


1) Fourteen people, including the founder of this newsletter, were arrested on Wednesday when the police raided the peaceful Occupy Oakland vigil.  These occupiers had done nothing worse than sitting peacefully, yet they were arrested, thrown in jail, and are now going to be prosecuted for multiple crimes.  Call and mail the mayor and city council and demand that all charges against the “Teepee 14” be dropped.

A shocking video of geekeasy’s arrest:

2) Call and/or mail the mayor, city manager, and city council to let them know you are concerned about the city’s brutal repression of Occupy Oakland.  Here is their contact info, with a link to mail all of them at once:  http://occupyreport.org/lists/contacts.php

3) Join a working group that fits your interests.  A list is included below.

4) Donations of food, blankets, and other household items are very much appreciated, and can be dropped off during the GAs.

Upcoming Events:

* January 9 – Khali’s arraignment, 9am at Pleasanton Courthouse Dept. 701. Wear red.

* January 11 – Commemorate 100th Anniversary of The Bread and Roses Strike Potluck – $10 donation, no one turned away.  (event by LaborFest).  http://laborfest.net

* January 17 – Occupy Congress in Washington D.C./ National day of actions –
http://occupydc.org/  – #J17

* January 20 – Occupy the Courts

* February 20 – National Occupy Day in Support of Prisoners

It’s been a week of police raids, police brutality, police harassment, and illegal arrests by police.  But Occupy Oakland is here to stay.  Working groups remain very active, and big national actions are coming up soon.

Ongoing actions:
* Interfaith Tent @ Oakland is in the Plaza approximately 12pm-6pm every day (with or without the tent).
* Two trees in the Plaza are now occupied.
* Feeding the hungry 2pm-10pm every day at the Plaza.

Daily News:
Sunday – Just after I sent out week’s message, the police engaged in  another raid.  30 cops stormed into the Plaza to arrest one occupier and charge him for “loitering”.  He was released later that night.

Monday –  The city gave notice that the permit for the vigil had been revoked and the teepee and info table must be removed immediately.  Occupy Oakland lawyers respond that the city is required to give notice before revoking the permit, and Chief Jordan said they’re “reassessing” things.

Tuesday – Arraignments for many of the occupiers who have been arrested recently including Tiffany’s “lynching” charge were scheduled, but did not happen as the DA announced that she was declined to press any charges. This was in part due to a campaign of media, phone calls, and public pressure.  For any of you who made calls last week, thank you very much!

Police Chief Jordan gave a second notice, rather than revoking the permit for the vigil, he simply would simply refuse to renew it, and for the second day in a row he demanded that the vigil be removed.  Occupiers, in defense of their First Amendment rights, responded by moving the vigil from a rather hidden area in the back of the plaza, to the corner of 14th and Broadway.

Under threats from city workers that the lovely flowers autonomous occupiers planted in the plaza would be removed and thrown away, occupiers dug up and saved the flowers, thus sadly leaving ugly divots where flowers had just been growing.

Wednesday –  Riot police engage in a raid against the peaceful vigil.  A first hand account from a member of the Interfaith group:

“It was all so peaceful and beautiful, and then the cry went out: “Riot Police! Watch out!” Sure enough, more than a dozen cruisers had pulled up at high speed and were now disgorging scores of police in riot gear, who immediately began advancing on us with no order to disperse, no warning, and no explanation of what they were doing. One protester, Sven La Rose, stepped forward and began to speak to the police about what they were doing. They had him on the ground in seconds and immediately handcuffed him. Meanwhile, I was nearly taken as I stopped to grab the blankets we had at the umbrella. Several police were advancing on me, forcing me forward and telling me to move or be arrested. Fourteen of our people were taken in all, including two who actually had left the scene and crossed the street to avoid arrest, and who were arrested by cops who deliberately broke away and went after them as targets.”

Thursday – The day after the raid on the vigil, occupiers were yet again giving out food.  There is a press conference on the steps of City Hall to decry police actions.  Then a group of occupiers attempt to occupy City Hall.  When entering city hall they are blocked by police who lock the doors.   City hall was closed.  “It’s the people’s city hall”, an occupier concisely put it.  “They have no right to keep us out”.    2 occupiers were arrested.

Friday – On Friday there were arraignments for most of the people taken in the Teepee Raid.  In the past, the DA has declined to prosecute these trivial charges and left people under the threat of prosecution for the next year.  But in a surprise move, the DA announced that everyone arrested on Wednesday would be prosecuted for 2 misdemeanors: obstructing an officer, and maliciously blocking a sidewalk.  The penalties for these crimes could be more than a year in jail and/or thousands in fines.

Saturday –  An “Anti-repression / Fuck the Police” march to the police station with at least several hundred protesters.  Some of the marchers are banging drums, others are blowing bubbles.  When they get to the police station, there is a standoff with a line of many cops.  One or two bottles are lobbed at police from somewhere in the back of the crowd.  Some protesters loudly condemn the throwing of bottles.  Then, in total violation of their  use of force rules the police move forward and start beating protesters without warning.  Reports made it sound like anyone who could not move fast enough out of the way is beaten.  It is a full 16 minutes between the time police start beating protesters, until they give their first notice to disperse.  6 protesters are arrested.  An unknown number of protesters were injured.  One protester was shot in the face with a “less lethal” round.


Sunday – The Sunday GA voted to support the Castlewood Country Club workers and the American Licorice Corp workers in their strikes.


The Weekly News is intended to share information about what’s going on with Occupy Oakland to people who cannot regularly attend GAs.  Any feedback and suggestions are appreciated.  If you’d like to help write this news, respond to oakland@occupyreport.org.

There are 8 other Occupy Oakland mailing lists which you can join:

* Action Items
* Anti-Repression
* Events
* Interfaith
* Local Business Liaison
* OO Art Murmur
* Occupy Oakland Courts
* Outreach Coordination Committee

To join these lists use
Standard disclaimer:  This email is only the views and interpretation of the people writing it.  Nothing here is an official statement or GA policy, unless specifically indicated.


Anti-Repression Committee
* NLG phone (415) 285-1011
* Arrests, arraignment, bail, arrestee support
* Tuesdays at Noon @ Brown Couch
* “Truth” has been in jail since General Strike (more info on OO website).
* antirepression@occupyoakland.org

Art committee
* Art class/party – Sat 1-3pm at plaza

Events Committee
* Meet 6x per week
*  events@occupyoakland.org

Facilitation Committee
* Meets MWF @ Noon – Saturday @ 4pm
* Looking to move GA indoors
* occupyoaklandfacilitation@gmail.org

Feminist and Queer Caucus
* feministgroup@gmail.com

FRAC – Foreclosure Research and Action Committee
* In process of liberating even more homes
* Selling art prints to raise funds.  (Editorial note – the prints are very nice)
* Every dollar goes to keeping citizens in their homes.
* Oakfracr@gmail.com

Free Khali Committee
* http://www.facebook.com/groups/212244405524559

Habeus Corpus Defense Committee
* Charles.Summers.Jr@gmail.com

Interfaith Tent @ Oakland
* Holding a daily first amendment vigil in the plaza and offering prayer and conversation.  Stop by anytime to talk about your greatest spiritual struggle in this work and how we can support you.
* Issued four demands from our group to the city on 12/23
1) End police harassment of people who are exercising their First Amendment rights and their rights to peaceably assemble in Frank Ogawa/Oscar Grant Plaza
2) Issue no more citations for umbrellas, tables, bicycles, or blankets
3) cease confiscating food from hungry people
4) cease confiscating blankets on the plaza.
If these demands are not met, we are planning nonviolent direct action.

Local Biz Liaison
* Meetings Monday at 4pm @ rising loafer
* lbl@occupyoakland.org

Media committee
* Looking for more people willing to be interviewed.
* Awesome new website – http://hellaoccupyoakland.org/
* Media group phone/text: (510) 473-6250

Medic Committee
* Medic dispatch (510) 712-8129 – ONLY for medical needs where ambulance cannot get to scene.
* Please bring water and cliff bars to any actions
* medics@occupyoakland.org

Outreach Collective Committee O.C.C.
* Coordinating outreach efforts in the community
* Currently seeking people who want to do outreach in their neighborhood
* Meeting Thursday 7:30PM @SF pizza (15th & Broadway)
* Contact: occ4oakland@gmail.com

Union of the 99% committee – “On a boat”
* In spirit of IWW, but not a dinosaur
* Already providing work.  Have a moving van.

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in this email only reflect those of the author and are not official view of Occupy Oakland or the GA unless specifically indicated.


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