Feminist And Queer 1 day Occupation of the 19th and Telegraph Lot!

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occupypatriarchyOccupy Patriarchy!

Come to the Feminist/Queer block event on Jan 8 , noon to 5, at the lot on 19th and Telegraph.

Occupy Oakland’s feminist/queer block is organizing to eventually occupy/decolonize a building and establish a collective space in Oakland (at a location that remains undisclosed).

On January 8th we will kick off with an event at 19th and Telegraph, noon to 5pm. Presentations, discussions, and a direct action are being planned.

The first two points of unity for the group are:
1. This capitalist society is based on a racist, white supremacist, patriarchal order. Our organizing must confront and attack the structural racism and white supremacy in this city and our own spaces.
2. Women, Trans people, Queers, Fags, Dykes, need a space that is OURS. We are marginalized, harassed, and attacked in other spaces all the time.

To find out more about the group and the January 8th event, visit: http://oaklandoccupypatriarchy.wordpress.com/

To get involved, email: occupypatriarchy@gmail.com.


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