Solidarity Statements

Alameda Central Labor Council endorses Nov 2

Sisters & Brothers, Excitement is continuing to build nationally and worldwide for the “Occupy Movement”! Workers, students, unemployed, homeless, seniors, those who have lost their homes to foreclosures and those who have lost their jobs — the 99% — are standing up and fighting back against the 1%! We are experiencing the results of a failed economy and inability of the richest nation in the world to provide for the 99%. We know that the 1% is only getting greedier and richer. But, things are changing and this movement is … Continued


Phillipine Airline Workers Back Oakland General Strike Call of Occupy Oakland

PALEA Backs Oakland General Strike Call of Occupy Oakland Letter From Philippine Airline Employees Association To the Occupy Oakland protesters: We express our solidarity with the Oakland general strike planned on November 2 especially the blockade of the Port of Oakland. The general strike and port blockade will reveal the truth that the 99% creates the wealth that the 1% now monopolizes. Such forms of mass actions will also show the way forward for the occupy protest movement now surging in the US and other countries. We likewise salute the … Continued


Berkeley Federation of Teachers Calls On Teachers to participate in the Wednesday, November 2nd Day of Action

BFT Calls on All Members to Mobilize November 2nd at Occupy Oakland BFT stands in solidarity with Occupy Oakland and its advocacy on behalf of the 99%.  Occupy Oakland and the Worldwide Occupy Movement are fighting to restore sanity to our economy and to oppose growing wealth inequality. We call upon all BFT members to participate in the November 2nd Day of Action at Occupy Oakland.  It is incredibly important that teachers and union members take part in this historic mobilization. We are encouraging our members to participate in the … Continued


Oakland Teachers Union OEA Executive Board endorsed Occupy Oakland’s November 2 “General Strike/Mass Day of Action”

Occupy Oakland General Strike November 2, 2011 In a unanimous vote on 10/28/11, the OEA Executive Board endorsed Occupy Oakland’s November 2 “General Strike/Mass Day of Action” and is urging members to participate in a variety of ways, including taking personal leave to join actions at Frank Ogawa Plaza, doing informational picketing at school sites, and holding teach-ins on the history of general strikes and organizing for economic justice. Faced with growing class sizes and dwindling resources, school closures, and the ongoing attempts of charter management companies to entice Oakland … Continued


Carpenters Local 713 endorses General Strike

UBC Local 713 Endorses Call For 11/2 General Strike Carpenters Local 713 represents 3,000 mostly private sector construction workers in Alameda County, California and passed the following motion tonight (Thurs October 27th,2011) by a standing vote with an overwhelming majority. Local 713 of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters stands in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement. We support the right of all working people to organize and peacefully assemble to demand their rights. We further agree that the 1% should not continue to go untaxed while the 99% face … Continued


Week 1 Endorsements

MILLION WORKER MARCH SUPPORTS OCCUPY WALL STREET October 17, 2011 The Million Worker March (MWM) organizers and activists call upon all workers organized and unorganized and the unemployed to join and defend the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement.  We extend the call to anti-war, immigration rights, environmental and social justice activists to join this movement which could replicate the “Arab Spring” here at home. The MWM, initiated by the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) Local 10 on October 17, 2004 at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington … Continued


Alameda Central Labor Council Supports Occupy Oakland/Wall Street

Support the Occupy Wall Street Oakland Movement ALAMEDA LABOR COUNCIL RESOLUTION IN SUPPORT OF OCCUPY WALL STREET AND OCCUPY OAKLAND Whereas, the Occupy Wall Street protest and its Oakland counterpart is an action opposed to the income inequality, the unfair tax structure, the bank bailouts, and the undue corporate influence and greed that has created America’s current economic malaise, undermined its social contract, and laid to waste its ideals, and; Whereas, the negative effects of this elemental economic injustice are borne by middle class working families and the poor, while … Continued


Week One Solidarity Statements (partial listing)

Teamsters Joint Council 7 Endorses Occupy Oakland 10/19/2011 Teamsters Joint Council 7, representing over one hundred thousand working men and women from Bakersfield to the Oregon border, acting through its Executive Board hereby adopts the following Resolution this 19th day of October, 2011: WHEREAS, “Occupy Oakland” is the Bay Area offshoot of the national “Occupy Wall Street movement,” a nationwide protest against economic inequality, uneven tax structure, bank bailouts and corporate greed that has brought this country to its current economic crisis; WHEREAS, just as “Occupy Oakland” demands that the … Continued