GA Resolutions

Day of Action Against Police Repression – Monday, February 6, 2012 – 8:30 AM: Coffee Not Cops – 1:00 PM: March to Courthouse

Occupy Oakland has faced heavy police repression since its inception.  From the first police raid on October 25th, when the camp was violently destroyed and people were brutally tear gassed and shot with rubber bullets, to the recent targeted snatchings and arrests of the last couple weeks, and finally to the attack on Occupy Oakland in its attempt to move into a vacant building which manifested itself in tear gas, rubber bullets, assault grenades and the mass arrest of up to 400 people, Oakland’s Police Department and City Government have … Continued


General Assembly Has New Location – Sundays at 19th and Telegraph at 2:00 PM – Wednesdays at 14th and Broadway at 6:00 PM

Please note: At this time, it is only Sunday GAs that have been moved to 19th and Telegraph. Wednesday GAs will remain at the Plaza (at 6:00 PM) to maintain Occupy Oakland’s visibility there. GA Relocates Sunday Meetings After District Attorney Attempts to Prevent Arrested Occupiers from Attending On Sunday, January 29th, the day after Occupy Oakland attempted to take a vacant, publicly-owned building for use as a social center and endured vicious police repression, the General Assembly voted to move future Sunday General Assemblies from Oscar Grant/Frank Ogawa Plaza … Continued


[Passed at 2/5/12 GA] Valentine’s Day March

In the interest of diversity of tactics, and the spirit of love that we feel for our community, we propose a direct action to take place on February 14th. We encourage our fellow Oakland residents to join with us to express our love for each other, and our beautiful city, on a march through the downtown Oakland area. Participants should wear red and/or pink in celebration of Valentine’s Day, and are encouraged to bring flowers, bubbles, Valentine’s candy to share, glitter, confetti, and flower petals. We plan to hold a … Continued


Occupy Oakland Will Participate in Global General Strike on May Day – May 1, 2012

Occupy Oakland Calls for Participation in a May 1, 2012 Global General Strike The General Strike is back, retooled for an era of deep budget cuts, extreme anti-immigrant racism, and massive predatory financial speculation. In 2011, the number of unionized workers in the US stood at 11.8%, or approximately 14.8 million people. What these figures leave out are the growing millions of people in this country who are unemployed and underemployed. The numbers leave out the undocumented, and domestic and manual workers drawn largely from immigrant communities. The numbers leave out workers whose workplace is the home and … Continued


[Passed at 1.29.2012 GA] Anti-Repression Cmte proposal for Feb 6 Action against police repression

Anti-Repression Cmte proposal for Feb 6 Action against police repression Occupy Oakland has faced heavy police repression since its inception.  From the first police  raid on October 25th,  when the camp was violently destroyed and people were brutally tear gassed and shot with rubber bullets to the recent arbitrary arrests in the past  several weeks the Oakland Police Department and city government have  made it clear that they will continue  to target and repress those in occupy Oakland . Often those arrested have their charges dropped after spending several days … Continued


[Passed at 1/15/12 GA] Proposal for 2 GA’s a week, on Wednesday and Sunday, starting Jan 18, 2012.

Proposal for 2 GA’s to twice a week, on Wednesday and Sunday, starting Jan 18, 2012. This proposal is being brought to the GA by members of the facilitation committee.  It is in response to feedback from members of the community, and observations made by facilitation team members in response to decreased attendance and fewer proposals being brought forward. The objective is to improve attendance and achieve quorum at the GA’s,  and free up time for people who are already devoting so much time to preparing for upcoming big actions. … Continued


[Passed at 1/13/2012 GA] Buy Local Proposal

The Occupy Oakland TAC, Media Committee and LBL (Local Business Liaison) Committee propose a boycott of corporate shopping and credit card use, and a show of solidarity with local, independent businesses.  Money that is spent locally, especially when using cash, check, or Oakland Gift Card, keeps more money in our own community and out of the hands of corporate elite. Most local indie business owners are the 99%, our proven allies.   Many of them support the goals of Occupy Oakland.  Some are active supporters, donating food, infrastructure, services, and space … Continued


[Passed at 1/13/2012 GA] Financial Proposal for Reimbursement for Khalid

2. Financial Proposal for Reimbursement for Khalid  Proposal for reimbursement of funds that Khalid had to personally use for bail and purchase of a camera due to police confiscation of his old one. The amount paid for his bail due to his arrest at 11th and Mandela was $450.00. While filming in court at Rasta’s arraignment his camera was confiscated and he was arrested for that action as well. In solidarity with the NLG, Anti-Repression Committee, and everyone else who works pro bono, he thanks everyone for all of their support. … Continued


[Resolved 1/9 GA] National Occupy Day in Support of Prisoners

Summary We are calling for February 20th, 2012 to be a “National Occupy Day in Support of Prisoners.” In the Bay Area we will “Occupy San Quentin,” to stand in solidarity with the people confined within its walls and to demand the end of the incarceration as a means of containing those dispossessed by unjust social policies. Reason Prisons have become a central institution in American society, integral to our politics, economy and our culture. Between 1976 and 2000, the United States built on average a new prison each week … Continued