GA Proposals

[Passed at 3/15/12 GA] Proposal for OO Support of Mr. 1% Rally in Redwood City

Monday, March 26, 2012, Republican kleptocrat Mitt ’1%’ Romney will join Meg Whitman for a fundraiser to fill his election coffers right here in the Bay Area. The $1,000 per plate dinner will be hosted at the Hotel Sofitel in Redwood City, 223 Twin Dolphin Dr., at 5:30 PM. Romney will shmooze the SuperPACS and corporate fat cats, and we want to mobilize OO to show this radical 1% fringe that their time is up. ProChoice groups, The Dreamers (a student immigrant movement), and other coalitions will be out there, but we want to make sure … Continued


[Passed at 3/25/12 GA] Fast Food Workers Proposal

Fast food workers are some of the most disenfranchised and abused workers in the economy. Low wages, irregular hours and schedules, unsafe conditions, lack of bargaining power and representation make fast food work insecure, dangerous, and soul-destroying. For poor and of color communities in Oakland, however, low paid, precarious fast food work is the only work available. This perpetuates communities trapped in endless cycles of working poverty and long periods of joblessness — leaving communities that make too much to qualify for social welfare programs, but too little to support … Continued


[Pulled at 3/25/12 GA] Proposal to Form a Working Group to Explore the Pros and Cons of Endorsing the People’s Congress

* They are going to form a committee and make an announcement then. I would like to present a proposal to explore the pros and cons of endorsing or participating with the People’s Congress, and/or to establish a committee to do so.  We are also seeking approval to hold a national call on InterOccupy as soon as possible. The People’s Congress has been working for the past 14 months to develop a robust democratic framework which, like the African National Congress, can become a unifying force in national politics.  There is … Continued


[Pulled at 3/25/12 GA] Proposal to Support Occupy Education’s “Tax the Millionaires” Ballot Initiative

* Occupy Education has made a different decision, so this proposal has become moot. Background Last month Occupy Education CA asked Occupy Oakland to assist them with their March 1 protests in support of education, and to support the 99 Mile March to Sacramento, which concluded with a March 5 demonstration and occupation at the state capitol in Sacramento.  Occupy Oakland approved that proposal, and the March 1 protests, the 99 Mile March, and the March 5 events at the state capitol were all generally successful, with some 10,000 protesters … Continued


[Passed at 3/18/12 GA] Proposal for Resolution Against Elementary School Closures

We, the General Assembly of Occupy Oakland, condemn the Oakland School Board’s decision to close Lakeview, Lazear, Marshall, Maxwell Park, and Santa Fe elementary schools, and reassign the students to other public schools. Closing the schools will separate children from beloved teachers, breaking lines of continuity that, in some cases, stretch back three generations. It will destroy community networks, threatening the bonds between neighboring families who meet every day at school. It will make it even harder for working parents to be involved in their childrens’ educations. It will force … Continued


[Passed at 3/18/12 GA] Proposal to Recognize OO Environmental Justice Committee

The General Assembly of Occupy Oakland endorses and cosponsors the April 20, 2012 demonstration against Chevron Richmond. The demonstration will be held on Friday evening, April 20, beginning at 5:00 p.m. at the Richmond BART station. We will march to a rally at Richmond Civic Center. This demonstration adds to the ongoing community activism in Richmond directed at the ways Chevron has been a bad neighbor. Chevron is a perfect example of how the 1% destroys the health and well-being of the 99%. In the case of Richmond, this includes … Continued


Proposal Queue for the March 11, 2012 General Assembly

1) Proposal to Recognize Occupy Oakland Foreclosure Defense Group as a Committee 2) Proposal for Resolution Against Elementary School Closures 3) Proposal to Reimburse Nazi Rally Transportation Cost 4) Proposal to Create a Tech Committee 5) Proposal to Act in Solidarity with Global March to Jerusalem on Friday, March 30, 2012 6) Proposal for Finance of Inside Out: A Participatory Art Project 23367


[Passed at 3/11/12 GA] Proposal to Recognize Occupy Oakland Foreclosure Defense Group as a Committee

Occupy Oakland Foreclosure Defense Group seeks full recognition as committee. Submitted to GA Facilitation Committee on March 4, 2012 via email. Formerly recognized as a working group of Occupy Oakland, we the Foreclosure Defense Group seek full recognition as an Occupy Oakland committee. We are the group that organized the Gayla Newsome re-occupation of December 6th and its subsequent successful defense. We are the group that is helping Mrs. Katie Mitchell of North Oakland successfully fight to keep her home of 35 years. We have come to a point where we … Continued