Outreach Committee

Empowering Communities through Self Determination and Mutual Support. The Outreach Collective works towards the grassroots organization of neighborhoods, and the creation of networks for information and inter-community support of local and mass actions. We meet every Thursday at 6:30 PM, at the Awaken Cafe on Broadway and 15th.

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Take (and share) our 5 minute Outreach Survey!

In light of increased efforts by conservative media/city government to villainize the movement, we must double our efforts to establish open channels of communication with Oakland’s diverse community.  For that reason, we are asking everyone to participate in our short outreach survey (then pass this link on to friends and neighbors*): Information collected from participants will be used to: 1. Understand the needs and concerns of Oakland residents in order to represent them appropriately. 2. Facilitate neighborhood GAs Community outreach should be one of the top priorities in our movement; … Continued


Welcome to the Outreach Collective Committee

Our objectives: 1-       We plan to organize communities from within, by identifying locals that are already active and connecting them to start organizing their own neighborhoods with the support of the broader movement. This way the organization is not foreign or alien to the locals and their immediate concerns. In the same manner we will also reach out to existing organizations that operate in the area, we will approach them as concerned locals whom also have ties to a larger organization. We will have no agenda but the agenda of the … Continued