Welcome to the Outreach Collective Committee

Categories: Outreach Committee

Our objectives:

1-       We plan to organize communities from within, by identifying locals that are already active and connecting them to start organizing their own neighborhoods with the support of the broader movement. This way the organization is not foreign or alien to the locals and their immediate concerns. In the same manner we will also reach out to existing organizations that operate in the area, we will approach them as concerned locals whom also have ties to a larger organization. We will have no agenda but the agenda of the people’s choosing; we will do outreach to the communities in the most neutral of ways to achieve major effectiveness and appeal to everyone. Neighbors will be invited to take part in meetings and events where bonds will be created through organized interaction like G.A.’s.

2-       Information and knowledge about the different issues affecting the communities will be presented and distributed at these events. It will also be a platform to invite the organized neighborhoods to take part in different actions towards specific goals. Support and logistics will be provided by the collective to organize and carry out these events by connecting the neighborhoods with existing groups and organizations that can offer food, PA equipment, child care, facilitation, etc. The long term goal will be to create independent self-sufficient neighborhood organizations.

3-       During the process information will be collected into a database with the intention of forming a neighborhood network of communication and mutual assistance for future actions.

4-       By organizing the neighborhoods and creating a network, the whole outreach process will be simplified and streamlined for effective and highly efficient efforts towards future actions and informational purposes. This will also aid the continuity of support and sustained organization for communities in the long term.


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