ANARCHO-SPECTIVE: Political Art Show, Sun. May 5, 5:30 PM La Peña


Photos and Art by TRISTAN ANDERSON. Between La Peña and The LONG HAUL on both sides of the street! ANARCHO-SPECTIVE: Political Art Show Photos and Art by Tristan Anderson FREE EVENT SUNDAY, MAY 5 (5:30- 10 pm) at LA PENA CULTURAL CENTER and the LONG HAUL INFOSHOP (On both sides of Shattuck Ave, between Woolsey and Prince St– Berkeley) 5:30: Dinner with FOOD NOT BOMBS 6:15 Doors Open for Art Show 7:00 OAXACA COMMUNE Slide Show 40 THIEVES Revolutionary Hip Hop NEPANTLER@S Queer Chicano Punk And… Save the Date! MON JUNE … Continued


May Day Noise Demo: Fight For Fifteen! OGP Wed. @ 5PM


Last year Burger King made $117,000,000 in profits. Walgreens made $253,000,000. Hundreds of fast food workers in NYC & Chicago recently participated in a strike to demand $15/hr. It is time to bring the Fight for Fifteen campaign to Oakland. We will gather at Oscar Grant Plaza at 14th St. & Broadway for a rally on Wed, May 1st at 5 PM for a rally followed by a noise demo march throughout downtown Oakland at 6 PM. There will be food at the rally and also after the march back … Continued


Protest the Tarsands Pipeline, Protest President Obama’s Fundraiser in SF Wed. 4/3, 5:30PM


“Join activists from CREDO, 350, Sierra Club, Friends of the Earth, Center for Biological Diversity and others, to send President Obama a big message: Stop Keystone XL! The last time we protested the President’s San Francisco fundraiser we shocked the President with a huge crowd of 1,000 people. We know from insiders that we caused a big buzz in the White House, and our pressure worked. Now, with the President again considering Keystone XL, we need a huge crowd outside his San Francisco fundraiser to deliver the message: Stop Keystone … Continued


Emergency Global Actions for Gaza


Emergency Global Actions for Gaza Israel launched “Operation Pillar of Clouds” earlier this week with a series of air strikes. More than a dozen people have been killed so far including women and children. International solidarity activists are in the streets all over the world, we have to be in SF. Please share this event with your networks, bring your banners and signs n spirit to the action! Day 1: Thursday Nov 15th at 5:15pm at Israeli Consulate Day 2: Friday Nov 16th at 4:00pm at Israeli Consulate For additions … Continued


Take Back The Plaza! Overnight Vigil + FTP March #O25


During the early hours of October 25, 2011, hundreds of violent police officers stormed into Occupy Oakland’s home base at Oscar Grant Plaza, near city hall, to evict protesters & to remove their belongings. 96 of our comrades were arrested after the cops used tear gas, flash-bang grenades and less-than-lethal munitions to subdue the crowd. Occupy Oakland’s spirit was not damaged, we were emboldened and radicalized as thousands returned that afternoon to stand up and fight back. Unforgettably, so did the p…olice. The battle for the plaza went on into … Continued


Help organize for our Anniversary Party


We need help preparing for our 1 year anniversary party this coming Wednesday (Oct. 10) starting at 5 PM at Snow Park. Get the word out!  Contact your friends, phone them, email, tweet, Faceplant, whatever… Download the flyer here and print ‘em out.  People are going to be distributing all over the place this weekend, the Girl Gang’s Vigilante March  & the Oakland Art Mumur tonight, at the SF ‘Fuck Columbus’ Anti-Colonialist March Saturday, at the Hoodies & Hijab march against the war in Afghanistan Monday,  at the Hardly Strictly … Continued


Alan Blueford BBQ and speak out, Sat. Sept.15, 1-4 pm 98th and Bancroft, East Oakland

NEED HELP FOR BBQ! we have a very small crew right now that is dedicated to the bbq part of the event. we would love people to sign up support: – WE NEED SUPPLIES: – tables – easy ups – serving gear – IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO MAKE A TRAY OF: – side dish – desert – simple pasta – potato salad – salad – pot of beans or rice – veggies – ADDITIONAL HELP WOULD BE: – do a batch of coffee for the event(we have coffee and … Continued


Web Committe Meeting Thur Sept. 6th at 6PM Victor Martinez Peoples’ Library


The web committee (such as it is) is meeting on Thursday, September 6th at 6PM at the Victor Martinez Biblioteca Popular at 1449 Miller Avenue at E. 15th in Oakland.  The reason we are posting this on the front page is that at the start of the meeting we will spend a few minutes helping committee delegates figure out how to post articles to our web site, which is an underutilized resource, so folks who are interested in posting might show up. Bring a laptop if you have one handy, … Continued


Labor Day BBQ at Snow Park, 2pm

Pullman strike 1894

OO’s Nomads are hosting a potluck BBQ at Snow Park at 2 PM on Labor Day, September 3rd.  Bring a dish to share with your comrades & cronies. OK, Labor Day is the establishment’s alternative to May 1st, International Workers’ Day, celebrated by progressives all over the world. May Day started as a commemoration of 7 anarchists unjustly sentenced to execution after being railroaded after an incident at a workers’ demonstration in Chicago in 1866.  But even that attempted cooptation of workers’ own celebration of their solidarity had to be … Continued




Occupy Oakland Liberate Everything Conference: Please send us your Graphic Art Submissions for Conference posters, and website theme logo to: Occupy Oakland is convening a major conference dedicated to developing tactics, strategy, solidarity, and vision within the Occupy movement. This conference will be organized as a space for communication and intellectual exchange, speaking to a diversity of opinions, experiences, and voices growing out of our shared struggle against the multiple and intersecting forms of violence and inequality that are perpetuated and protected by capitalism and the state. The Occupy Oakland … Continued