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Many American Bikers Suffer From Sensenbrenner Syndrome. Do You?

How can Bikers be “against totalitarian enactments” yet align themselves with the fascist “1%er” stooge who sponsored the most totalitarian act in U.S. history? MANY AMERICAN BIKERS SUFFER FROM SENSENBRENNER SYNDROME. DO YOU? Wisconsin’s 9th Congressional District morphed into its 5th in 2003, but since 1979 and for almost a quarter century that district has been represented in Washington DC by the same silver spoon politician: United States Congressman F. James Sensenbrenner, Jr. This district is the home of almost 700,000 of Wisconsin’s wealthiest residents and two of Harley-Davidson’s primary … Continued


Occupy 4 Prisoners Retreat – 6/24 11 am to 4pm

Occupy 4 Prisoners is holding a retreat on Sunday, June 24th. Our intention is to discover: Who we are. Why we are here. What we are going to do. We will explore these questions in the framework of building closer relationship with each other.  We aspire to gain a better understanding of who we are, individually and collectively.  We will explore our principles of unity; what brings us together.  And we will have beautiful food to share. Time: 11-4ish Location: Legal Services for Prisoners with Children/All of Us or None. … Continued



The despicable witchhunt against Eric Holder needs feedback. I know Obama and Holder have betrayed the movement but I still want to see Occupy raise a voice of outrage. Have a presence. 34456


6/20 8:45 am – Pack the Court for Kali!

Kali was originally arrested December 16th on minor misdemeanor charges, but because of a probation violation hold he was incarcerated for 4 days before any charges were formally filed. While most people would have been released from jail and asked to appear for a future court date given the minor nature of the misdemeanor charges, the DA denied Kali’s release because of the county’s assertion that he is homeless. At his arraignment Kali immediately notified the judge that he did have a residence and provided the address. The staff that … Continued


Rally Daily at 5pm in Support of Lakeview School – March Starting at OG Plaza Saturday 6/23, noon

Police visited the school twice today, handing out a trespassing notice of sorts in am (OUSD speak about disrupting the good order of a school). Then cops came back to tour the building in force apparently scoping out future plans. A spirited rally at 4 pm featured many teachers, students, parents and community members. You can sign up for text blast system to receive instant updates on police threats and responses. Text the message “lakeviewsitin” to 41411 (i.e. put 41411 instead of the normal 10 digit phone number). A demonstration … Continued


External Links – 6/3 to 6/17

Voices of Occupy Oakland LIVELY PROTEST IN OAKLAND AGAINST PIG CONFERENCE Melvin arrested 6-13 – youtube In the press Judge Takes Oakland Police One Step Closer to Federal Control – Colorlines Oakland budgets $750,000 to outsource Occupy complaints – Oakland Tribune Occupy: the Ad Campaign – East Bay Express Occupy Oakland protest targets council member – Oakland Tribune Occupy activists heckle judge in elder-theft case – SFGate Police assign officer to Occupy Oakland investigations – Oakland Tribune Release of Frazier report Report: Aggressive Police Response to Occupy Oakland Was “Flawed” … Continued


Baluchistan: Next Stop In Corporate Fascist Amerika’s War-For-Profit Tour?

Are the human rights issues raised over Baluchistan real or just another ruse and excuse for the U.S. to invade a former ally and install a puppet government? BALOCHISTAN: NEXT STOP IN CORPORATE FASCIST AMERIKA’S WAR-FOR-PROFIT TOUR? Having failed to strike a deal on NATO supply routes through Pakistan largely due to the killing of thousands of innocent civilians by Bushbamney-approved American military/CIA drone strikes, in violation of international law the United States has within the last week moved its nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Enterprise into Pakistani territorial waters within … Continued


Court Support 6/18-6/22

6.18: Chris in Dept 104, Wiley Manuel, 9-11am. 6.20: Kali’s sentencing. 8:45am Dept 513 Hayward Hall Of Justice 24405 Amador Street Hayward (Facebook event for more info: 6.21: One comrade in dept 104, Wiley Manuel, 9am. Pretrial hearing. 6.22: One comrade in dept 104, Wiley Manuel, 9am. Preliminary hearing. 34320