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For Immediate Release: Take Back OGP

On October 25 of last year, the Oakland Commune at Oscar Grant Plaza was raided with enough brutal force to gain international attention. Since then, continuous state repression and police brutality have sought to divide Oakland and keep its residents from reclaiming public space in a time of local, national and global austerity. The Oakland Commune served as a socio/political refuge for Oakland residents. It was open and free to all and provided a space where people could traverse race and class divides in order to share food, discussion and … Continued


Occupy 4 Prisoners Retreat – 6/24 11 am to 4pm

Occupy 4 Prisoners is holding a retreat on Sunday, June 24th. Our intention is to discover: Who we are. Why we are here. What we are going to do. We will explore these questions in the framework of building closer relationship with each other.  We aspire to gain a better understanding of who we are, individually and collectively.  We will explore our principles of unity; what brings us together.  And we will have beautiful food to share. Time: 11-4ish Location: Legal Services for Prisoners with Children/All of Us or None. … Continued


Da Moment of Truth

Recieved a letter from our Truth today, as he still remains in Oakland county jail.  He included the poem which I have transcribed below, and wrote, “I took out time to write a poem I would love for you to share with every one…during meetings/talking amongst/etc. If you would please be so kind…and I believe putting it on our website will also be a great angle for fellow occupyers across our world to read because this is only a start to a better life for all”. So, as it goes…FREE TRUTH, … Continued


Oak Tree and Alternative Plaza Landscape Meeting

This is a reminder for all you Plantae (plant family) lovers.  We are having a meeting today at 1:00pm in OGP to discuss the oak tree and possible landscape alternatives for the plaza. Please add to the pool of knowledge by joining us.  We will meet on the steps by the oak. 15132


Oak Tree Update- Results of Soil Investigation by City

Copied below is a letter we prepared to PWA Director Troyan, addressing the recent soil moisture investigation the City conducted around the oak.  As you will read, there are some issues. The City investigation report can be found on page three at:  Dear Public Works Director Troyan, We have serious concerns with the findings of the “Status of Jack London Oak Tree” report included in the 12-16-11 City Administrators Weekly Report.  These concerns include: December 8th Investigation–Eight (8) inches is not a sufficient depth by which we can accurately assess the soil profile.  … Continued


Oak Tree Update

Below is a copy of my email to Public Works Director Troyan. He was requested by Councilwoman Nadel to contact me and set up a meeting regarding the oak and a possible revised landscape plan for OGP. It is probably best that a group of any and all interested people meet Saturday, January 7th at 1:00 at OGP to begin throwing around some concepts. Spread the word! … “We understand that the flooding of the plaza has ceased and want to thank you for turning the water off. We would … Continued


Oak Tree Update

I attended the Public Works Committee Meeting on Tuesday, 12-13-11, to ask if the flooding has ceased, as well as to follow up on the issue regarding soil and root investigation.  The Public Works Director said they conducted an investigation of the soil within the planter and found conditions to be dry.  This concerns me, as he did not mention the saturated soil adjacent, and it is known that the oak roots extend out into the flooded area.  He said a report will be coming out.  He was also quick … Continued


Flooding Oscar Grant Plaza Is Killing Our Historical Oak Tree

It is unconscionable that those involved in deciding to flood the plaza would sacrifice the health of this symbolic tree in order to limit public access to a public park and to suppress freedom of expression. Saturated soil conditions are deadly to California Coast Live Oak trees (Quercus agrifolia). This is an evergreen species that requires good drainage. Unlike deciduous trees that can handle seasonal flooding by dropping leaves during the wet season, evergreen trees cannot. Flooding the surrounding soil eliminates oxygen which leads to the inability of roots to … Continued