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Millions are being spent on Governor Jerry Brown’s Military Academy in Oakland, Ca RIGHT NOW!

Oakland Military academy  on 39th street between Market and West street is expanding.  Thanks to millions of state dollars given to them by Governor Jerry Brown. Social programs for the elderly ie medicaid, In Home Support Services,Youth  Programs, school closings, unprecedented state budget deficit, but Jerry Brown can find millions of dollars to fund his pet project the Oakland Military Academy. They have begun to break ground on this  project on a vacant lot on 39th street. We need your bodies to stop the bull dozers, occupy the vacant lot … Continued


I will coming our to join you. Looking to ride back from DC

You can check me out at https://www.facebook.com/marcel.kuemmet. I am coming out to join your movement there.  My services will be at your disposal. I am a veteran video blogger and citizen journalist.  And a former US Army Ranger.  You can check out my work personal blog at http://marcelkuemmetphotography.blogspot.com/. My local news blog is http://greenbayconfidential.blogspot.com/. You can see a report I did recently on the Occupy movement in Green here at http://youtu.be/MeDeFhrVPf4?hd=1. You can see a promo at http://youtu.be/plFaQJQ_d44?hd=1 (this was shot with my Canon HF 10 Consumer Camcorder). I am … Continued


Occupy SF moving to a city-approved lot?

This is the first I have heard of this, and thought OO might be interested. The writer is active in the OccupySF camp and does free acupuncture over there several times a week. I posted this morning on my FB page and wanted to reiterate that the OSF camp is most probably moving to a site at 1950 Mission st. that they negotiated with the city to Occupy. It is SFUSD property and has been empty as long as I can remember…just a lot with several portable classroom trailers on … Continued


Occupy Oakland Rally to Decolonize Criminalized Communities!

A Solidarity Action with Occupy Phoenix to shut down ALEC! At five pm on Wednesday, November 30th, activists and community members of Oakland will rally at Fruitvale Plaza to say no to criminalization, incarceration, and corporate profiteering at the expense of our communities. Racist laws such as Secure Communities, Mandatory Minimum Sentencing, Truth in Sentencing and Gang Injunctions impact Oakland communities.The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), an organization thatis comprised of 2000 legislators and 300 corporate members, has beenbehind and benefits from such corrupt criminalizing policies. From November 29- December … Continued


We need you on the Facilitation Committee

The GA is vital to the movement for building consensus regarding  actions we take as a body, building solidarity with other movements, and getting everyone involved in decision making.  Our GA process has strengths and areas for improvement.  Many people have great ideas for improving the GA process.  We need your presence, time and energy on our committee. *We are always in need of Co-facilitators to guide the assembly through the agenda.  Different voices and faces are encouraged to get involved. *We are in need of Crowd Advocates who are … Continued


GA Minutes: 11.28.11

Oakland General Assembly Date___11/28/11____ Approximate Start Time:____6:45___pm Approximate Head Count: ____104________ Notes by: AJ FORUM Topic: Brainstorming Creative Actions to Take the Movement Forward Major takeaways: Start a Defense Committee responsible for coming up with non-violent tactics. This Committee will be responsible for defending our ‘occupation’ or ‘vigil’. Community gardens to feed and beautify the diverse communities of Oakland. Legal and permanent indoor space for the GA so that the elderly, people with children, and those who do not wish to sit in the cold/rain will attend. Continuing our work on foreclosed homes but in a creative way, that … Continued


GA Minutes: 11.25.11

Oakland General Assembly 11/25/11 Start Time: 6:00 Approximate Head Count: (Not sure) From Livestream and Twitter – (These notes are not very detailed…this is just a gist of what was gleaned online)     WELCOME (Not sure)   FORUM (Not sure)   COMMITTEE ANNOUNCEMENTS (Not sure)   PROPOSALS We have cultivated a modified consensus making process. (Explains) Submit proposals to occupyfacilitation@gmail.com, or submit in person on paper.  Three or more people must endorse a proposal and be present during its presentation to the GA.  This is how we run the GA (explains process, hand … Continued