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Vigil Needs Support Tonight

We (OO) Need You at Oscar Grant Plaza (14th and Broadway) at 9:30 PM Tonight (Tuesday, November 29th)! A teepee was erected at OGP today after initially being blocked but then succeeding after a stand-down between OO, the police, and the city. This action was an exercise for freedom of religion and is also part of the vigil being held at OGP (see below) and also in support of the tree sitters. The standoff ended when the city granted permission for the teepee to be present except between the hours … Continued


Greetings Book Lovers and Info Seekers!

The library committee of Occupy Oakland hosts physical spaces (tent libraries and/or mini-collections) and countless creative actions to support the information needs of the Occupy movement and the people of Oakland. As the movement grows, our physical locations and projects may change. Currently (as of 1/24/12), we coordinate the following: PROJECTS: 1. Mini-Branches (more coming soon!) Request one near you: library@occupyoakland.org a. Rock, Paper, Scissors Gallery, 2278 Telegraph Avenue Wed-Sun 12pm-7pm 2. Oscar Grant Plaza Library Currently closed, pending a new camp. 3. Mobile Libraries We’ll have books-on-bikes during actions, … Continued


new occupy graphic toolkit

Hello all, I posted a full set of graphic signs created in support and celebration of the Occupy movement. It represents an upbeat, unified and strong movement; one whose import and fortitude is in continued expansion. The variety of sizes and color configuration in the set allows consistent application to a wide range of items, the bright colors and bold lines are should suit revolutionaries and clothes horses equally. Change the world, and look good doing it! http://www.occupygraphics.net 8227


November 28, 2011 General Assembly Agenda

Agenda for GA November 28, 2011 *       Welcome       Welcome Announcements       Agenda Overview       Forum: Brainstorm creative actions to take the movement forward       Reports from Committees, Sub-committees & Caucuses       Overview of Process       Proposals 1. Local Business Liaison Proposal to endorse the “Buy Local” campaign 2. Straw Poll for whether to use people’s mic vs amplified sound at the beginning of GA 3. Proposal to Recognize Tactical Action Committee 4. Adopt Occupy SF Declaration 5. GA’s at every Major Action 8.  Action Announcements 9.  General … Continued


Welcome To the Anti Repression Committee

Hello – our committee works with occupy legal to coordinate jail and medical support. Some things we take care of are – getting people out of jail ie. BAIL, packing the courtroom when people are being arraigned, and general solidarity and support work for those who have been brutalized by the police at Occupy Oakland. SUPPORT THOSE ARRESTED!!!! Here are some ways how: We need to pack the courtrooms during any and every court proceedings (unless our legal teams advise us otherwise). We want all those who have court dates … Continued


Occupy Oakland Community Discussion Forum

Gentrification. Police. White supremacy. Heteronormativity. Islamaphobia. Diversity of tactics. Non violence. These topics, like so many others, bring up a vast array of different emotions and thoughts for different people. This Thursday evening at 5, the events committee is hosting what will hopefully be the first of many Community Discussion Forums. This idea was brought forth after many conversations with many people who all said the same thing: Before we can make decisions together, we need to understand each other. The people in attendance will vote on a topic, and … Continued


The Only Solution is Revolution

Larry Bumgarner an American citizen and occupier declares revolution on America stating, “The Only Solution is Revolution.”  Video is at http://www.youtube.com/embed/xiQzC6Vw34Y   Pass it on. 8203


Black Friday

I was sorry to hear about the success of Black Friday, it feels like a 1% victory.  I stayed home, and don’t plan on buying anything this holiday season because, as usual, I can’t afford it. I hate those words, that year after year I would have to tell my children that we could not afford what they wanted for Christmas and their birthdays, because we just could not afford it, and could not repeatedly put our family in debt to get those special gifts. But you know that the … Continued


SAIC Banks Billions from Top Secret America, Millions to Put DHS in an Asylum

SAIC BANKS BILLIONS FROM TOP SECRET AMERICA, MILLIONS TO PUT DHS IN AN ASYLUM Global Revolution 1: American Revolution 2: Day 74: Communication 1 IronBoltBruce’s Kleptocracy Chronicles for 29 Nov 2011 (g1a2d0074c1) How many examples of greed and corruption must you see before you act? The Terrorism Industrial Complex a.k.a. “Top Secret America” may sound like tin foil hat conspiracy to some, but many of you will remember it as the name of an extensive investigation by the Washington Post, whose editors’ intro says:  “[This] is a project nearly two … Continued


Occupy Burger King? Seriously?

Just what is this supposed to accomplish? What is it that a local Burger King has done to deserve to be closed down by Occupy Oakland for a week? Is the beef with Burger King Corporate? What happens to the 99% who lose one week’s worth of wages because OO is shutting them down? Why is this happening? How will this advance the cause of this movement? Aren’t there better targets? 8181