General Assembly 10/19/2011

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I. Welcome 

• The General Assembly may be the most important part of the occupation- we ask for your patience as this process is still developing. To practice respect for one another by allowing people to speak without interruption.

• Skype session with Greece: Didn’t get to happen, they are storming banks and dealing with police! Will try to talk with them again in the future.  Plan to talk with Slovenia and Italy in the future.

II. Welcome Announcements 

III. Agenda Overview 

IV. Forum: 

“ How can we strengthen our solidarity with other occupations in order to make certain this movement does not dissipate?”

-Remember that 99% is everyone, office worker, police, metermaids, school teachers, etc

-Remember the occupation of Palestine and of this land

-Reach out to other occupations of facebook. Each has their own problems maybe we can learn for each other.

-Consider the concept of a National General Assembly, that has been put out by the NYC occupation, to make this movement bigger and more cohesive.

V. Reports from Sub Committees

Gardening: Needs wood for boxes. Supply kiosk by supply tent, need soil random stuff, dresser drawers, bookshelves, needs seeds.

People of Color Committee Statement: “This system does not work, fuck the police, fuck’em, we don’t need them, not gonna utilize their services. They perpetuate Institutionalized racism, mass incarceration, and exploitation of immigrants. Instead we propose a list of resources, ppl to contact who can provide mediators, conflict resolution education, mental health/substance abuse services etc. If you see someone who is homeless, try your best to integrate them into this camp.” (paraphrased by note taker-NOT Verbatim) Meets at6pm north side by POC tent/firstaid

Media web and tech:  If you have content, photos, video, upload to website. Meetings after GA.  Needs more people to staff media tent, need input on how to deal with outside media. Would like to ask media not to film people sleeping, to ask first, and to stop when asked.

Homeless youth: Tomorrow 11am by trees

Working Coop/occupation: Want to form workers coop that might fund the occupation. Also disscusions about  banking alternatives and currencies alternatives. Meets every day at 6pm north side of first aid tent

Facilitaiton working group: Organizes GA, set up facilitators for meetings, NEEDS volunteers. New: has a regular workshop twice a week at6pm, Mondays and ? Meets daily atnoon, come make critiques suggestions etc. Will make more of an effort to get notes/agenda fromnoon meeting on website so that people are informed ahead of time

Events: Need more point people. Meets at11am near info tent. Events table has events posted.

Outreach: Proposal with info packet to be proposed tomorrow. Trying to make it one sheet of paper with a small summery of the occupation, list of sub committees, small mini map. Need people who are down to one flier. Also need people to do foot work in east and west Oakland to work with different organizations. Meets at 3:30 at amphitheater.

Medics Tent: needs ppl with medical experiences, and needs supplies

Women/Trans/Queer committee: meeting at3pm near women trans secure area space on south east corner near broadway and ampetheiater

Raheim Brown Free school: Need contributions from people who knew him.

Highlights for this week: Thursday gang injunctions 6pm, 2pmradical manifest, 4pmanti capitalism. Friday gang injunctions 3pm, anti capitalism 4pm, labor history, ken nab 5 pm, students 6pm gang injunctions, anarchism anti colonialism 6pm. Come by check out tent. Go online

VI. Action Announcements 

-Meeting right after GA by oaktree n shoe shine station in solidarity with women

-A general call to get families back into their homes. Pay attention to who’s been evicted, and how to get them back, and if necessary defend their homes from cops and sheriffs.

-11/5/11 Global call to action, get out of bed, redirect funds to credit union.

VII. Proposal(s)
• Before introducing proposals, facilitator should clarify that autonomous actions do not need to be a proposal, but to be an “Occupied Oakland” event, they must be voted through as proposals. Check the info tent soon for a flyer clarifying proposals etc.
• Review Proposal Process


1. General Strike proposal- “Offer our support for all strikes, including student strikes, officially by Occupy Oakland”  YES-proposal passed

2. March on Friday- “Big day of action on Saturday- a mass rally  this Saturday begin at 11:30 am, March to start at 12 noon make several stops snow park, several banks, use opportunity to pass out fliers-proposed workin group 3pm too meet each day until then”  YES-proposal passed

There were two other proposals posted on the agenda to facebook, but they were not discussed at the meeting.

VIII. General Announcements

-teach yoga at8am

Buddhist peace fellowship atnoon

Afternoon yoga is offered as well (no time stated)

-Earth two/snow park (second Occupy Oakland site): police visiting again. Would love more people. Not yelling at police, peaceful communication. Working with the city. Located at 19th  & Harrison.

-Tomorrow at 9 gonna have a meeting for gardening actions around the city.

-Trying to coordinated massage table tent with medic tent.

-Would like mega phones to be used for announcements only.

End of Assembly



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