Occupy Oakland

Expanding themes of the Occupy Oakland Community BBQ this Saturday: Justice for the victims of racist violence and the police state

Occupy Oakland’s fourth Community BBQ & Speak-Out event will take place this Saturday, April 7th at Defemery Park in West Oakland, commemorating Fallen Comrades on Lil’ Bobby Hutton Day and calling for justice for all of the countless racist murders that are directly caused by, or systematically ignored by, the racist “criminal justice” system. This call includes justice for Oscar Grant, who was murdered by BART police based on racially motivated suspicion; as well as justice for Trayvon Martin, who was murdered by a neighborhood watch volunteer also based on … Continued


Finest Worksong. Interview #2 with Aaron Lehmer, Bay Localize by Willi Paul, PlanetShifter.com Magazine

Finest Worksong. Interview #2 with Aaron Lehmer, Bay Localize by Willi Paul, PlanetShifter.com Magazine http://planetshifter.com/node/1995   excerpt – “I think people fear an uncertain future, and wonder about their place in it. Young people know that more than anyone, having experienced high levels of unemployment and insecurity after graduating high school and college in recent years. Change is always scary on some level. But it’s also inevitable. By opening ourselves up to the changes ahead, and aligning our spirits, talents, and visions with a more localized future, we can literally … Continued



Do you guys know about these people? They literally represent a “5th column” movement.  I think it would be interesting to print out some of their stuff and distribute it to the police that we see at OGP and the protests. check out their site  http://oathkeepers.org they essentially advocate that US military and peace officers should uphold the constitution even if it means being insubordinate. They have recently begun a push to recall congress members that voted for the NDAA. http://oathkeepers.org/oath/2011/12/25/oath-keepers-launches-national-effort-to-recall-andor-remove-members-of-congress-who-voted-for-ndaa-military-detention-merry-christmas-u-s-congress/ On the other hand they are kind of on … Continued


Violence and Arrests at Anti-Repression/ Fuck the Police March

By Cami Graves January 7, 2012 Tonight the Occupy Oakland Tactical Action Committee called for a rally and march to protest police repression of Occupy Oakland. Protestors met at Oscar Grant Plaza at 7pm. Some wore black–a tactic called “black bloc” to help keep cops from distinguishing demonstrators and picking them out of the crowd–while others brought bubbles to make their nonviolent intentions clear. At 9pm, the marchers headed to the Oakland PD headquarters at 7th and Broadway where they were met by a line of officers with batons and … Continued


Indefinite detention for U.S. citizens – We need to act now – this threatens us all.

This is of the up most important – Congress is trying to put though a bill that will allow government, and our military, to detain U.S. citizens INDEFINITELY WITHOUT TRAIL.  Please at the least spread this around – sign the petition, call congress and the senate. https://secure.aclu.org/site/Advocacy?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=3897&s_subsrc=SEM_Google_search-indefinite-detention_Indefinite-detention_indefinite%20detention%20obama_p_9302629342 And if you can get to Occupy Oakland, please make banners & boards speaking out against this, demanding that we remain a democracy.  This new bill, if it goes through and isn’t veto’d, threatens us all, it’s so broad, any one of us … Continued


Occupy Oakland port shutdown hurts Oakland truckers and Oakland

Port shutdown prevents working men from feeding their families, making a living.  It also encourages shippers to go to another port jeopardizing long term economics of Oakland.  Occupy Oakland should make Oakland better by helping the working unionize, helping the jobless find employment and training, helping homeless which Occupy Oakland does. 11144


Show Us Results!!

Occupy Oakland was supposed to stand for Economic Injustice and to represent the 99% of the population. Why are you then further taxing the 99%? Who’s interest are you really looking out for? If you really cared for us, why aren’t you out there taxing Mountain View or any of the other Silicon Valley cities where the 1% of this country lives? Why doesn’t Occupy Oakland focus on the real situation that’s affecting America – the Economy??? What about coming up with real demands like: demanding Congress to give up their ridiculous pensions and having … Continued


You Have the Right…It Does Not Make You Right!

To anybody who is truly interested you have the right to assemble, that is not in question, however you also owe it to the people of whatever city you are choosing to protest in to abide by the law. Plain and simple, if the police tell you to move on or disperse then abide by their direction. Too many protesters are crying foul after conflict with police. Look, you may not like the police but we the people who live in and call these cities home, need the police. Sadly … Continued


Links to 2 in-depth articles on Occupy Protests

Following are links to two in-depth articles that deal with the most fundamental questions, problems and solutions, and strategy and tactics of the 2011 American Protests (Occupy Protests).  These need to be reviewed and considered for the creation of goals, agenda, strategy, and tactics.   1.  http://dandelionsalad.wordpress.com/2011/10/16/occupy-wall-street-potentials-and-limitations-of-the-2011-american-protests-by-fazal-rahman-ph-d/   2.  http://dandelionsalad.wordpress.com/2011/10/24/occupy-wall-street-problems-of-the-dialectics-of-diversity-uniformity-and-unity-by-fazal-rahman-ph-d/ 3346


Welcome to the Oakland General Strike

Here is my invitation, sent to 1000+ local people and groups as well as to 3000+ around the world: WELCOME TO THE OAKLAND GENERAL STRIKE http://www.bopsecrets.org/recent/oakland-general-strike.htm 2757