You Have the Right…It Does Not Make You Right!

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To anybody who is truly interested you have the right to assemble, that is not in question, however you also owe it to the people of whatever city you are choosing to protest in to abide by the law. Plain and simple, if the police tell you to move on or disperse then abide by their direction. Too many protesters are crying foul after conflict with police. Look, you may not like the police but we the people who live in and call these cities home, need the police. Sadly it has become evident we need them to protect our rights from the protesters. Not all of them but far too many. I personally am glad to see these protests being more closely dealt with by police because these protesters are running up a large scale bill that we the tax payers of this nation are left to address.

There has been theft, drugs, rape, robbery, murder, did I mention RAPE and MURDER? These mobs are no longer being backed but by a few idiots like Pelosi and Obama and of course the unions. So this is a letter from all who feel the way I do to let all of you would-be protesters out there know exactly where the people of this nation stand. Get a life, grow up, nothing in this world is free, what I have I worked damn hard to get and I don’t owe any of you crap. Nobody but you yourselves owes you a living. What is disgusting is that those supporting you are some of the richest people in the country and you are all blind to the fact that you are Pawns for Obama, Pelosi, Moore, Sarandon and so many others that think you are the foot soldiers of change.

Oakland is near and dear to my heart because that is where I was born and that is where I was raised. If we take a look at what has unfolded in Oakland, Ca we see open drug use, businesses with smashed windows, spray-painted graffiti, humans crapping in public, urinating in public and we couple that with a murder, rapes, robberies, arson, attacks on police, and so much more, not to mention the loss of business to small businesses that count on every dime to survive. No this has gotten far beyond out of hand in fact I would say now that this is simple a criminal movement. Your message no matter how valid it might have been is now the basis for a continuance of mayhem, lawlessness and unpatriotic dialogue that is not even fooling the blind. We the people have seen enough, heard enough and suffered enough loss, that we say now it is time for you all to OCCUPY YOUR LIVES with reality and not this sense of entitlement. You speak of greed yet what is the worse greed of all? Being unwilling to make your own way in life and expecting those who work hard to support you. If you are on Welfare and are complaining about the rich (who chose to work hard) then follow their lead. Nobody but you yourselves is stopping you from attaining the American Dream. Remember it is not the American Promise, no it is the American Dream where people, all people of this nation have the right to make a living, own a home and be happy, but only if they are willing to make that life for themselves.

How dare any of you hold the successful responsible for your own lives. Is it not enough that the successful pay the taxes that make your welfare and food stamps possible? Is it not enough that the wealthy pays the taxes that make your medical care possible? I am not rich, in fact I am far from wealthy, however I am not some arrogant self-centered fool who thinks the Government is supposed to pay for my every need. Look at yourselves, destroying a city, not just one but many across this nation, being pushed by Obama, Pelosi, Moore and others who are indeed fat cats that got rich off of CAPITALISM! It is not a bad word it is the word that keeps you fed, sheltered, clothed, and alive. But you foolish people don’t understand that you have to do your part in this world and your part is to take responsibility for your own lives and cut your own path. Because that is what The United States of America is about. If you don’t like it then go live somewhere else and find out how quickly you find yourself longing for the AMERICAN WAY of LIFE!

As I watch you day in and day out on the news abusing the rights that so many laid down their lives for, I am reminded of the thankless fools that protest at funerals of our fallen soldiers, police, Firemen, people who gave all to have their final mark protested by a bunch of self-centered ignorant fools. As you act like wild animals, you show the world what it is like to be lawless and inconsiderate of your country. I believe it is time to bring the freak-show to an end. Quit crying about your student loans, your living conditions, your food stamps, cash aid, welfare, Medicaide and think how lucky you are that there are people in this country willing to tow the line you are unwilling to tow. You thankless, lost empty souls know nothing about sacrifice other than you want others to sacrifice so you don’t have to. Pack it up across the nation, pack it up and go home, on your way perhaps ponder what life would be like without that ONE PERCENT? Yes the occupy movement has run its course and forever left the mark of thanklessness on the face of the Greatest Nation on Earth.. Disgusting isn’t it. You aid in the division of this country.

To the police of these cities who have been forced to stand against the thankless and criminally ignorant, I and many, many, many more thank you for doing your job under extreme circumstances! I will keep you in my prayers.



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  1. prodigalsun

    Oakland Occupy should be ashamed about what it has done to a vital and important movement, nationally and internationally. And since the occupiers have been unable to hold a city park and keep it clean, quiet and as safe as the surrounding area, the plan to occupy a building is even more disastrous. My prediction is that without planning (and Occupy Oakland has ZERO foresight, which is unsurprising, since the median age of the those who actually occupy is about 22), this will be a repeat of the post-Katrina Superdome in New Orleans. The same filthy and politically unmotivated squatters will trash the place, leading to another eviction.

    I share a common cause against a common enemy, which is why I more ashamed of the behavior of Occupy Oakland than angered by it. The problems began even before the refusal to negotiate with anyone. Then came the censorship within the GA and and the Media Committee. And let us not forget any inability to police ourselves or evict out-of-control elements ourselves. I personally videotaped a member of the Security team slash the Supply Tent before many witnesses, and the armed perpetrator was allowed to remain.

    And while we’re on the subject, I also videotaped the Rogue Electricians trying to steal power from city light fixtures to hook-up a large sound system. THAT, not the City Officials, plunged the camp in darkness. And if a building is taken, the same will happen — no power, no water … sheer filth. I like music, too, but dance parties do not have anything to do witho our political or economic purpose for occupying … if anything, the stoic approach would get MUCH MORE attention than loud children yelling into the wee hours. Not all residents of OG Plaza are unemployed. The responsible members of the movement need their rest, too.

    It’s no small wonder that the majority of GA attendants WILL NOT EVEN CONSIDER pitching a tent. The month of nights I spent on the streets of downtown Oakland has easily been one of the best of my life, but not because of the hipsters, the hippies and the hustlers who have made sure that the court of public opinion turns against us. If neither the campers nor the GA learn to work together, all our work will be forgotten by spring time.

    Will the Occupy movement be reduced to trashing buildings, staging marches and flash mobs and posing for photo-ops? Short of raising the median age or maturity bracket and setting standards for active membership (as opposed to passive membership like marching and voting on proposals), we can expect that the best days Occupy Oakland are behind us.

    Given the precedent here, claiming a respectable portion of the international attention generated by Wall St. protesters in NY and then literally soiling the reputation of everyone involved, it’s no wonder that the original protesters back east were also evicted within 24 hours of Oakland. Meanwhile, while everyone is clamoring for ‘next steps’, let us not forget that unless we somehow occupy some contested space and hold it securely against internal and external forces, we cannot truthfully use the word OCCUPY.