“You Gotta Be For the People.”

Gigi Winters, an Occupy Oakland activist who lost her home in Oakland to the banks after being evicted at gunpoint almost a year ago, speaks to the Albany City Council several days ago about the absurdity of evicting people from the Albany Bulb when there is no place for them to go. Gigi was active in the successful fight to save Jodie Randolph’s home from the maws of the Big Banks, as seen in this photo of her standing with Jodie and others on Jodie’s porch in Alameda in November … Continued


Defend GG’s home! Fuck The Banksters!

“GG has been a key member of our group from the beginning. Whether it’s door-knocking, closing down a bank, or planning an action, GG is there. Meanwhile, in her own home, US Bank put her into a fraudulent loan she couldn’t pay and then foreclosed on her, but she’s been keeping them at bay for a long time. Various judges have granted her stays of eviction and told US Bank to negotiate a loan modification, but the bank wants the home.” More about this article: GG’s Story: GG and Orion … Continued


Day 100! And Jodie is Still In Her House! #defendjodie.

One hundred days ago Morgan Stanley was threatening to send in the sheriffs and a moving truck the next morning to evict Jodie Randolph from her house in Alameda, California. One hundred days ago it looked like Jodie Randoph, grandmother and cancer patient, might be out in the street. But it was also one hundred days ago that the Occupy Oakland Foreclosure Defense Group swung into action, invading Morgan Stanley’s Oakland offices and calling for anyone and everyone to show up at 9:00 AM the next day to prevent the … Continued


Oakland band shoots video in honor of the Occupy Movement

Oakland band Midnight Raid released their music video for the song “Fire” this week. Band members have been present at various demonstrations and wanted to do their part for Occupy Oakland. Support Occupy, Support local music, Stop Brutality. Midnight Raid – Fire 45944


BANK ACTION THIS THURSDAY 27th!! on 10th & Broadway at 4PM

BANK ACTION THIS THURSDAY!! . Who:  Occupy Oakland Foreclosure Defense Group,  ACCE (Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment) and YOU!Where: 10th and Broadway, downtown Oakland When: Thursday, September 27th   —– Gather at 4 pm for pre-action briefing —– (Press conference after action)   Zaki Alshalyan, our neighbor, an Oaklander from the east side is facing a sale date of October 4th! We will be joining another community group, ACCE, to simultaneously take action on several banks in the downtown area. We are sending a “delegation” to accompany Zaki and … Continued


Wells Fargo Bank taking home from 60-year old woman, help is needed!

The following post is in support with a homeowner in need, who reached out to OccupyMarin for help. Update 07/11/2012 10pm: The phone calls made Wells Fargo to turn off the extension number! That is a victory, they are getting annoyed!! Keep Calling!! Here is a new number to  call: 1-800-853-8516 Patricia and John were given the eviction date that Wells Fargo wants them out, it  is July 23rd at midnight! Some of us are planning on camping infront of their home to stop the eviction! We need to show up … Continued


Bank of America locks door because protesters rally – Albany, CA 5/21/12 – Photos

On May 21st a group of over 5o peaceful protesters rally in front of a Bank Of America brunch located on Solano Avenue and Nielson Street, in Albany, California. It didn’t take long after the Occupiers came to the location for the bank quickly closed their doors. Soon after, someone administrator/manager sent a security guard to the sidewalk to tell us to stop taking photos. Of course, we ignore his request. There was life music from the protesters, and cheers and honks from people in cars passing by as signs … Continued