Wells Fargo Bank taking home from 60-year old woman, help is needed!

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The following post is in support with a homeowner in need, who reached out to OccupyMarin for help.

Update 07/11/2012 10pm:

The phone calls made Wells Fargo to turn off the extension number!

That is a victory, they are getting annoyed!! Keep Calling!!

Here is a new number to  call: 1-800-853-8516

Patricia and John were given the eviction date that Wells Fargo wants them out, it  is July 23rd at midnight!

Some of us are planning on camping infront of their home to stop the eviction!

We need to show up and tell the Sheriff and Wells Fargo to back off!!

The banks were bailed out, and we got sold out!!

 Here some elected Officials numbers to call:

Lynn Woolsey 415-507-9554

Jared Huffman 415-479-4920

Mark Leno 415-479-6612  SF Office: 415 557 1300

Katie Sears 415-473-7331

Barbara Boxer 510-286-8537

Dianne Feinstein 415-393-0707

Kamala Harris 916-322-3360


Here is the number to call at Wells Fargo:
Jacob Johnson
Wells Fargo Excutive Mortgage Specialist, Office of Executive Complaints
1 (877) 218-4356 extension 21277Tell him that what he has done to Patricia Goff from Marin County, California is dishonest and he should honor the original loan modification.Let’s fight the Banks!!
“Our friends, Patricia and John, had the sheriff at their door Thursday morning, July 5, with an eviction notice to vacate the home they have lived in for 33 years. We are asking everyone to join us at a rally to shine a light on their situation and to call for an immediate moratorium on foreclosures. This rally will be Wed, July 11, from 5-7 PM at the 4th St Plaza in San Rafael.
Banks continue to foreclose on thousands of homes across the country. In spite of a Homeowner’s Bill of Rights about to be signed into law in Caliornia, affected families are in need of community, solidarity, and support. Please show them that Marin cares. This is an opportunity to pressure the banks and build a movement for real change. Every good faith effort should now be made to keep families in their homes.
What can you do?
1. Come to the rally on Wed, July 11 at 5 PM at the 4th St Plaza in San Rafael. Show your support for Pat and John and for all of our neighbors who are victims of the banking system.
If you are facing foreclosure yourself, please come and share your story. The way we can pressure the banks is to turn out in LARGE numbers!!!
2. Make phone calls from home. We are making phone calls to Wells Fargo and elected officials to help stop this process. Please email occupymarin@gmail.com if you can join us in making calls from home.
3. Send your email address and phone number to occupymarin@gmail.com to sign up for a RAPID RESPONSE TEAM of people who will be on call to quickly occupy the home if necessary.
An Injury to One is an Injury to All!” ~OccupyMarin

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