Seeking Justice for Alan Blueford at the Militarized Oakland City Council: Police Murder and Political Contestation in the “International City of Peace”

By: Mike King The Blueford family and the Justice for Alan Blueford (JAB) Coalition returned to City Hall last night, after causing such a disruption at the last meeting (September 18th) that it was cancelled.  On Tuesday evening, over 200 people came out to support the Bluefords in demanding answers, over 100 of whom were barred from entering the City Council meeting by Oakland police.  Inside the City Council chambers, the Blueford family and several dozen supporters demanded answers and the police report, and that the officer who killed Alan … Continued


Community Speakout Against Police Profiling and Abuse – 9/29/2012 – Photos

 . . . “About J.A.B. – Justice 4 Alan Blueford Just after midnight on Saturday May 6th, Alan Blueford and two of his friends were waiting for some girls to pick them up on 90th Ave., in East Oakland, after the Floyd Mayweather fight. Not long after Alan had phoned his parents to check-in with them, a car slowly pulled up to them with its lights off. Alan ran. One officer gave chase. A few blocks later Alan was shot by OPD officer Miguel Masso. Masso also shot himself in the … Continued


Justice 4 Alan Blueford at the Oakland City Council meeting update 9/18/12

“I’d like to update you all about Justice 4 Alan Blueford at the Oakland City Council meeting tonight. Several members of the Blueford family spoke to the council about their son’s, brother’s, nephew’s, cousin’s murder. I was in tears listening to the pain the family was expressing. At one point president of the city council Larry Reid interrupted Adam Blueford (Alan’s father) to announce that they were going to give the family the police report after they took a 10min break, he said Chief Jordan was on his way with … Continued


Justice for Alan Blueford coalition passed resolution thanking Occupy Oakland Barbecue Committee

. . . Justice for Alan Blueford coalition passed resolution thanking Occupy Oakland Barbecue Committee: The Justice for Alan Blueford Coalition wishes to express that it deeply appreciates the hard work of the Occupy Oakland Barbecue  Committee in organizing the July 21st Justice for Alan Blueford BBQ  at Arroyo Park in East Oakland. It was a great success and we all look forward to working together in the future. . . . Photo Credit: Alyssa. 37871


Dox 2: Alan Kurtz #Anonymous: Alan Kurtz 926 Woodside Road Redwood City, CA (650) 386 3510 Writes for blog This person stalks Occupy Oaklanders on Twitter and repeatedly tries to frame central occupiers for crimes they did not commit. Currently he is trying to get people to believe that Melvin of TAC is behind the W. Oakland BART fire. OO has enough trouble with the pigs “legitimately” without right wing, conservative, old white man assholes like this motherfucker making things worse. I offer him up as a gift to you, Anonymous, from … Continued


dox: Alan Kurtz it has come to my attention that all these people are one in the same and you will see why he changed his name so much after reading. you have pissed me off now deal with it fagget, i do it for teh lulz Ron Goronchev  is his old alias Location: Hermosa Beach, CA Revcast247: Has had a radio show for 12 years, he says, making prank calls. Twitter @ReVshow Youtube channel BlogTv Facebook Account: Stickam: Picture: “Caught being a pedo”?? Is … Continued