dox: Alan Kurtz

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it has come to my attention that all these people are one in the same and you will see why he changed his name so much after reading.

you have pissed me off now deal with it fagget,
do it for teh lulz

Ron Goronchev  is his old alias

Location: Hermosa Beach, CA

Has had a radio show for 12 years, he says, making prank calls.

Youtube channel
Facebook Account:



“Caught being a pedo”??
Is a Juggalo.
need i say more?

another old email:

Alan Kurtz
A bunch of Articles he wrote for “All Voices”, most likely a self-publishing site:
this proves he is after everyone, and a BIGTIME hater, even dissing olsen, etc.
obsessed with anarchists taking over OO.. slanderous from the get-go… stooge.


Myths About Goronchev

Myth: “Goronchev doesn’t work for his parents”

FALSE. Goronchev does, in fact, live in his father’s basement. He and his father often videotape themselves having incestuous relations, with Goronchev taking his father’s creamy load in his ass.

Myth: “Goronchev has had sex with many women.”

FALSE. Goronchev is too affected with teh gay to be attracted to vagina. He has tried, however, to have sex with men, though most gay men are smart enough to stay away.

Myth: “Goronchev is not a pedophile.”

FALSE. We have the pictures, videos, and eye witness testimonies to prove it. Click here to see it.

Myth: “Goronchev is as healthy as a horse.”

FALSE. It is a widely-known fact that Goronchev has AIDS, and will likely die in a matter of months.

Myth: “Goronchev’s penis is 8 and 3/4 inches long.”

FALSE. Goronchev said himself that his penis reaches from A to Z on a QWERTY keyboard, meaning his penis is approximately one centimeter long.

Things Smugfag has claimed to have done

Be fitter than the entire US marine corps
Beating up 30 guys at the same time
Getting job offers from YouTube
Intellectually checkmating us.
Had sex over 9000 times (lol). Like, more than once.
Having a “larger than average penis”. Seriously.
Made disguisting sex with BigGayAl, his no.1 internet lover
Doing fuck all on stickam, had a girlfriend instead of his hand, but rumors still persist, this is his faghag. [1]
(Recently)Turned into Lex Luther with steroid enhanced features [2]
Has basically metaphorically given gay guys a cock up their asshole so deep that he was able to grab their cock, then ripped their cock out via a annihilated male asshole and held it aloft to the heavens while smiling. *See far top of his blogspot for a normal version*.


more video sites:


other stickam account:

other twitter:


his personal site:

old youtube:


Goronchev (AKA Smugfag, MrThreePercent, Ron Lamp/Andy Ross and “Two-Tug Ron”) is a 30-something closeted homosexual with male pattern baldness who lives with his parents. Having lived in his basement his whole life with only his one terabyte of child pornography to keep him company, Goronchev realized that the only way a closeted homosexual could get ahead in life is to post TL;DW videos of himself flexing his steroid-induced muscles while pretending to have knowledge of very serious topics such as religion and politics. When not busy spouting left-wing rhetoric in a vain attempt to sound smart, he can often be found lurking on sites like Stickam attempting to bait 16-year-old girls into checking out his “above average” penis.

Some would argue that he is the greatest troll known to Anon, if that same person were retarded and used the length of someone’s ED article as a measure for how much said person had managed to troll successfully (which is probably a fairly good idea).

On January 31st, 2008 Fox 11 News did yet another story on Anonymous, this time on Anonymous’ “cyber bullying” through Features hated enemy of the lulz Goronchev.

Butt hurt, acne ridden basement dweller

the reason he changed his online identity: because he was hated and shunned in 07/08

A previous blogger on YouTube, Goronchev, was relatively well-known for his shared stories regarding sex, pornography, physical and mental superiority and video gaming experiences. Many of his videos featured graphic descriptions of sexual acts and public announcements of his domination of others in chat rooms, the most famous of whom was kbob08, who was surprisingly similar to Goronchev in presentation. At the end of his arguments against other YouTube users, he would use the phrase, “intellectual checkmate!”

An obscured article was created on Encyclopedia Dramatica, entitled “Smugfag”, which drew little attention. In August, 2007, however, a second article was created called “Goronchev”, which drew much more attention and had the previous page merged and forwarded. Goronchev discovered this article and began a campaign against Encyclopedia Dramatica, by first creating a prolonged video about his disgust with the website, labeling it as racist and by his definition, “destroying” it by contradicting every sentence, one line at a time.

This new attention drew a mass multitude from the /b community to Goronchev and the page was expanded upon under the new meme, his ratings went down across the map and he was eventually removed from YouTube.

Since Goronchev’s departure from YouTube and his focus on simply web chatting, his online presence has been virtually diminished.

The phrase, however, is used as a playful, yet disparaging comment, along the lines of United States President George W. Bush’s “Mission Accomplished!”


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