Status of $20,000 Donated by OWS Press Release

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OAKLAND, Calif. [November 8, 2011]

Since the October 26 announcement of a donation following the police
raid on Occupy Oakland, some have wondered how these funds are being
handled.  At Monday night’s General Assembly, Occupy Oakland voted on
the next steps needed to make use of the $20,000 which Occupy Wall
Street donated to the Oakland encampment.  Resulting from that
consensus vote, Occupy Oakland is in the process of opening an
unincorporated association in its name in the state of California.

The money is temporarily being placed into the Wells Fargo trust fund
of lawyer Timothy Fong.  It will stay there for less than two weeks
while Occupy Oakland establishes the new, unincorporated account with
either a credit union or a community bank.  Timothy Fong himself is in .
the process of moving his accounts out of Wells Fargo–and he– as well
as Occupy Oakland as a whole — urges other people to leave the multinational
banks as well.

About Occupy Oakland:
Occupy Oakland is an emerging social movement without leaders or
spokespeople. It is one of 1,570 occupations currently occurring
around the world in solidarity with Occupy Wall St.  More information
is at

For more information about the other occupations, see:

For the most up-to-the-minute information on Occupy Oakland, please
check the live video feed at:


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