GA Minutes: 1.15.12

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Oakland General Assembly


Approximate Start Time: 2:30 pm

Approximate Head Count:  100



  • I’m here with OWS for the first time.   We talked about what’s going on there, Move In Day, and the differences in POV of the movement based on the gender gap.
  • We talked about Move-In Day and how important it is to hold space.
  • We talked about the news that has come about regarding the decline in crime since the inception of our camp.  This shows us that it is important to hold space.


1. Proposal to reduce the GA schedule to twice a week: People are working on several action projects and are finding it difficult to attend all the meetings.  We propose reducing the GA to twice a week to improve attendance and to increase time for people to work on other actions.

GA participant:  There is a man who is about to be arrested by the cops.  They are citing a charge that has already been dropped.  Please come over here and help this man NOW.

Majority of the crowd left to support the man.  Few stayed with their children or with friends.  Chants of “Cops go home” could be heard down the block.  Everyone returned about 10 minutes later.

 Clarifying Questions

  • Would the facilitation team be able to call another meeting in case of emergency?  – We facilitate making that happen. Any time there is a group of people gathering here, people could hold a GA.  In case of emergency we could put out a call on twitter.
  • Which days of the week? – Wednesdays at 6pm, Sundays at 2pm
  • It may begin raining next Wednesday for the next 5 days.  Have we considered indoor locations? – That has nothing to do with this proposal, but we are looking into other locations to make meetings more accessible to everyone.
  • Can we recount for quorum?  – Yes.  We have quorum.

Twinkles, Concerns, and Comments

  • On Fridays we could have a community orientated GA.

 F: Are we ready to vote?  Do we need to hear the proposal again?  No?  Let’s proceed.  Please give us some feedback about today’s GA on the back of your agenda.  Give it to one of the crowd advocates.


YES: 94                       STAND ASIDE            : 4                    NO: 3

This passes by 97%.

 2. Longview Caravan: We already passed a proposal to support the Washington action.  We got together with Occupy Longview and Occupy Portland, and thought we should put out a call to action to all occupies around the countries. Resolution was read aloud.

 Clarifying Questions

  • Can you say more about what EGT is doing?  I don’t know what “rupturing jurisdiction” means. –  It means that they are trying to bust the union.
  • Why isn’t Seattle on there? – We’re trying to do this as soon as possible rather than wait for specific occupies.
  • What will the union say? Does the resolution reference the Labor Council?– Some unions have made resolutions in support of this.  This is just for occupy – we aren’t as concerned about getting union approval.
  • Is there a provision for other occupies to become signatories to it? – Yes.  We are asking other occupies to pass it through their GAs.  You can see this online at
  • Is there a time frame? – We will know for sure about 3 days or a week before the ship comes in.  We want to make an email list to contact people to get together and make the action happen.  It will be in the next few weeks.

Twinkles, Concerns, and Comments

  • It’s well written and precise.  It draws threads between things that relate.


YES: 87                      STAND ASIDE : 3                               NO: 2

This passes by  98% approval.


  • AntiRepression: We had two arrests last night.  Arraignments Tuesday at 9am.  Please support.
  • Children’s Village: We are in support of the Move In Day Festival, and we will have a series of actions going on in February – Supporting our Tree and “Cops Need to Play Nice.”
  • Decolonize Womyn and Grrls: Meets Jan. 21st; Sat. 7pm.
  • Events: 4pm meeting at Leo’s house, about Move in day.  Join us Friday the 20th for the SF action.
  • Facilitation: We will be having a Spanish speaking GA, and a POC/QPOC GA as well.  Committee meetings: Wed 12noon, Sat 4pm.
  • Finance:
  • Occupy Oakland Patriarchy – We meet Thursdays at Leo’s house.
  • Gardening: We are weeding and setting up a new garden in Lakeside Gardens tomorrow – join us!
  • Occupy for Prisoners: San Quentin Action planning meeting at SF pizza on Thursday at 7:00 pm.
  • Onaboat: We haven’t done much for the past couple of weeks, but we are gonna try to meet on Sunday.  We want to get furniture for the Move-In – contact me so we can make it happen.  At the Purple House, there is a concert that will benefit the Move In, on 57th and Aileen.
  • Web: We have been meeting on Thursday, 6pm, Location TBA.


  • Vigil: MLK speak out at 19th and Telegraph
  • We need to think about the three-month anniversary of this movement. We have done many amazing things (recounts past actions)
  • Occupy Education is planning a national day of action on March 1st.  We will also march to the capital of the state.  Our next GA is Sat. at noon in Berkeley  at the UAW Hall.


4:00 pm


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