Notes from GA 11-4-2012

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General Assembly Notes 11/4/2012


Foreclosure Defense:

            The Foreclosure Defense Committee asked for as many people as possible to attend their defense of a home, which is scheduled to be raided on Tuesday, 11/6/2012 at 9:00AM.  The address of this home will be posted on the website later today (Monday 11/5).  There will be a sleepover tonight at the home, and all are invited to attend.  Bring a sleeping bag, and food, for the sleepover; bring your bodies for the eviction defense on Tuesday morning.


Web Committee:

            Boots Riley has asked for someone to interview The Coup for the website.  Anyone with confidence and the capacity to record an interview should contact the Web Committee:

NOTE: Tom Vee has contacted Boots’ folks, so this is taken care of.

            David Rovics, a political activist, songwriter and performer, has offered to do a benefit concert for Occupy Oakland.  If you would like to help make this event happen, please contact the Web Committee:

NOTE: We booked the Niebyl-Proctor Groucho Marxist Library for Monday, December 10th, a post will follow shortly.

            Ed from the Web Committee wants to start a regular movie night for Occupy Oakland.  He needs help with creating a screen and with setting up the equipment.  Suggestions for where to show movies would also be appreciated.  OG Plaza is an obvious choice, but with winter weather coming, an indoor location will be needed for at least some of the movie nights.  The Holdout was suggested, and they will be asked if they can host regular screenings.

NOTE: Still no screen, Ed is shopping around. A post will follow as soon as a suitable screen has been secured.

Freeway blogging:

            Banner blogging on freeway overpasses during heavy traffic is a way to put your message out to approximately 100,000 members of society per hour.  Freeway blogging is a very good idea.  Consider wearing a painters mask to filter out diesel particulates.


Grand Jury Defense – Panel/discussion:

            “Resisting Grand Juries and State Repression in the Bay Area and Beyond” is a panel presentation and discussion that will happen at the Holdout on Sunday, November 11, from 11:00AM – 5:00PM.  Speakers at this event will include Kristian Williams and Richard Brown.


OWS Strike Debt Coalition

            On Thursday November 15th, the Occupy Wall St. Strike Debt Coalition is inaugurating The People’s Bailout – a mutual aid project where they will buy defaulted medical debt for pennies on the dollar (like a debt collector would) and then abolish it.

To debut the project, there’s going to be an old-school telethon with live performances from folks from Fugazi, Sonic Youth, TV on the Radio, Jeaneanne Garofalo, and more. Hannah ( would like to organize an event here in Oakland to livestream this event, and potentially get some Strike Debt actions going on here.          Please email her if you are interested in helping to make this livestreaming event happen.

NOTE: Simulcast streaming of the event will be this Thursday at the NPgML:


OO Tabling at First Fridays

            It was suggested that “First Fridays” in Oakland would be a good venue for tabling about Occupy Oakland.


Forum discussion:

            The forum discussion dealt with the issue of vandalism connected to Occupy Oakland events.

            Some people felt that participation in Occupy Oakland would be greater if there was no window-breaking during OO marches and protests.

            In general, people at the GA seemed to agree that breaking bank windows is justifiable, but it should not be done when we want the largest turnout possible for a protest.  There was also general agreement that cars and other personal (non-corporate) property should not be damaged for the sake of protesting capitalist and statist practices.

            It was suggested that Occupy Oakland reconsider the diversity of tactics agreement with the intention of adding more specific conditions for its acceptance.

            It was also suggested that banks be targeted for vandalism in response to each report of a drone-strike.


Excellent notes submitted by Mike W.


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