Town Hall Meeting: The Alameda Sheriff and District Attorney. Why Can’t We Do Better?


November 6, 2013 @ 3:00 am – 5:00 am
South Berkeley Senior Center (just a few blocks from the Ashby Bart)
2939 Ellis Street
Berkeley, CA 94703

Representation for the People, a coalition of East Bay activists, is sponsoring this town hall meeting. The coalition opposes the policies and actions of Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley and Sheriff Greg Ahern. These elected officials continue to run unopposed yet espouse policies and views that progressives find unacceptable. The coalition is therefore organizing to explore ways of getting rid of our sheriff and district attorney.


  • Wilson Riles: Former Oakland Councilperson, speaking on the importance of electoral politics to a progressive agenda.
  • Dan Siegel: Civil Rights Attorney, speaking on the violations of civil rights that the current District Attorney and Sheriff routinely commit.
  • Brooke Anderson: Labor activist, arrested October 25th, 2011. Spent many hours in horrible conditions in the Santa Rita Jail (which the Sheriff is wholly responsible for)
  • Reverend Buford: Pastor at the Allan Temple Baptist Church.

The public will be invited to provide input. Please mark your calendar and bring a friend. The senior center is located near the Ashby Bart station.

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Just a few things a new District Attorney could do:
– Investigations into wage theft, abuses by creditors, foreclosure fraud and environmental crimes.
– Voice support for improved crime labs, removal of police from schools
– Refusal of prosecution for drug possession or use.
– Voice opposition to curfews, arrests of school children, solitary confinement of children.
– Independent investigations of police misconduct.
– Keeping costs down by not keeping low level offenders in jail awaiting prosecution decisions

Just a few things a new Sheriff could do:
– No cooperation on ICE raids and no use of ICE holds.
– Abandon the pursuit of the acquisition of drones.
– Refusal to participate in homeowner evictions.
– Keeping costs down by using ‘cite and release’ to keep low-level offenders out of jail
– An independent, unbiased Coroner’s Office.


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