The right to safe, legal abortion – San Francisco


October 2, 2021 @ 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Grove & Hyde
San Francisco

Three weeks ago, getting an abortion in Texas became almost virtually impossible as Senate Bill 8 passed – making it illegal to get an abortion after 5 or 6 weeks no matter the circumstance. The US Supreme Court denied an emergency stay on this bill, and instead allowed it to go into effect immediately. With their upcoming ruling on the Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization case, this lack of action represents a willingness of the court to appease right-wing bigots. With attacks on abortion rights poised to increase as the Supreme Court fails to defend them, and restrictive legislation spreading to other states, we need to act now to block these efforts to restrict abortion rights further – and beyond that, we need to demand that the right to safe, legal abortion be granted for everyone under federal law.

Joe Biden has pledged multiple times to make Roe v Wade, in his words, the “law of the land”. The Democrats have control of both the Presidency and Congress. As right-wing attacks spread, there is no excuse not to act immediately to make abortion legal on a national level; however, they have shown absolutely no willingness to act. It took a mass movement to earn abortion rights in the first place. It will take a mass movement now to defend them.

We will be at the women’s march in San Francisco Oct 2, demanding mass action to defend and extend reproductive rights. The march starts at 11am at Grove St. and Hyde St. in San Francisco – see you there!

Socialist Alternative Bay Area will also be holding a virtual public meeting the day after the event to discuss what our next steps in the fight should be, more information to come!


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