The Plastics Disaster: Sunflower Alliance Meeting


June 13, 2021 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

 Vastly increasing the production of plastic is the new fossil fuel industry strategy to maintain its profits—which means increasing toxic pollution at every step, from oil/gas extraction to production to waste.

Join us to learn more about this racist and ecocidal campaign, and how people are fighting to stop it.  The program includes:

A short animated film, The Story of Plastic,which summarizes a longer documentary explaining the whole disastrous process.


— Julie Teel Simonds, Center for Biological Diversity, providing an overview of this strategy;

— Miriam Gordon, Upstream Solutions, sharing information about current state and federal bills to reduce plastics;

— Someone from RISE St. James, the community organization in Louisiana’s Cancer Alley leading the fight against the construction of the Formosa Plastics plant (not yet confirmed).

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Before the meeting:

Watch The Story of Plastic documentary for more background.  We have arranged for our participants to stream the film free at any time.

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