The Muslims I Know – A Film by Mara Ahmend


April 19, 2018 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Oakland Asian Cultural Center
388 9th St #290
Oakland, CA 94607
510- 637-0455

The Oakland Asian Cultural Center presents

The Muslims I Know

A documentary written and produced by filmmaker, writer, artist and social activist


Doors Open: 7:15pm

Free and Open to the Public

The events of 9/11 have created much interest in Islam and Muslims. Mainstream media have responded to this demand for information with generalizations and stereotypes. America’s community of Muslims longs to be a part of the discourse. THE MUSLIMS I KNOW is a documentary that gives them a chance to be heard and understood through dialogue with non-Muslim Americans.

The underlying idea is to highlight similarities between Islam and other Abrahamic faiths and to celebrate the cultural richness and diversity brought into the American mix by Muslim communities. It is also a much needed platform for moderate Muslims to express their views about what’s happening in the world. By being both American and Muslim they have a unique insight into the complex inner workings of American foreign policy and the role of the media.

Film Screening will be followed by Q & A with Mara Ahmed via skype

—– The Muslims I Know (2008) 58 minutes


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